Route 116
Redan Road

Route 116 Operates from Indian Creek Station to the Mall at Stonecrest along Redan Road, Stone Mountain-Lithonia Road, Max Cleland and Swift Street within Downtown Lithonia, Turner Hill Road, Mall Parkway, Stonecrest Trace to Mall at Stonecrest. Selected trips serve East DeKalb Health Center. Points of Interest include: Downtown Lithonia and Mall at Stonecrest.

Intersecting Rail Stations:

Route Schedules

Weekday Schedule
Mall at StonecrestStn Mtn-Lithonia Rd & Marbut RdRedan Rd & Martin RdRedan Rd & S Hairston RdIndian Creek Station (East Loop)
04:56 am05:06 am05:20 am05:23 am05:30 am
05:11 am05:21 am05:35 am05:38 am05:45 am
05:25 am05:35 am05:49 am05:52 am06:00 am
05:38 am05:48 am06:04 am06:07 am06:15 am
05:50 am06:03 am06:19 am06:22 am06:30 am
06:05 am06:18 am06:34 am06:37 am06:45 am
06:20 am06:33 am06:49 am06:52 am07:00 am
06:35 am06:48 am07:04 am07:07 am07:15 am
06:50 am07:03 am07:19 am07:22 am07:30 am
07:05 am07:18 am07:34 am07:37 am07:45 am
07:20 am07:33 am07:49 am07:52 am08:00 am
07:35 am07:48 am08:04 am08:07 am08:15 am
07:50 am08:03 am08:19 am08:22 am08:30 am
08:05 am08:18 am08:34 am08:37 am08:45 am
08:20 am08:33 am08:49 am08:52 am09:00 am
08:35 am08:48 am09:04 am09:07 am09:15 am
08:50 am09:03 am09:19 am09:22 am09:30 am
09:20 am09:33 am09:49 am09:52 am10:00 am
09:50 am10:03 am10:19 am10:22 am10:30 am
10:20 am10:33 am10:49 am10:52 am11:00 am
10:50 am11:03 am11:19 am11:22 am11:30 am
11:20 am11:33 am11:49 am11:52 am12:00 pm
11:50 am12:03 pm12:19 pm12:22 pm12:30 pm
12:20 pm12:33 pm12:49 pm12:52 pm01:00 pm
12:50 pm01:03 pm01:19 pm01:22 pm01:30 pm
01:20 pm01:33 pm01:49 pm01:52 pm02:00 pm
01:50 pm02:03 pm02:19 pm02:22 pm02:30 pm
02:21 pm02:34 pm02:50 pm02:53 pm03:00 pm
02:52 pm03:04 pm03:20 pm03:23 pm03:30 pm
03:22 pm03:34 pm03:50 pm03:53 pm04:00 pm
03:52 pm04:04 pm04:20 pm04:23 pm04:30 pm
04:22 pm04:34 pm04:50 pm04:53 pm05:00 pm
04:52 pm05:04 pm05:20 pm05:23 pm05:30 pm
05:20 pm05:33 pm05:49 pm05:52 pm06:00 pm
05:50 pm06:03 pm06:19 pm06:22 pm06:30 pm
06:20 pm06:33 pm06:49 pm06:52 pm07:00 pm
06:53 pm07:05 pm07:19 pm07:22 pm07:30 pm
07:23 pm07:35 pm07:49 pm07:52 pm08:00 pm
07:53 pm08:05 pm08:19 pm08:22 pm08:30 pm
08:23 pm08:35 pm08:49 pm08:52 pm09:00 pm
08:53 pm09:05 pm09:19 pm09:22 pm09:30 pm
09:23 pm09:35 pm09:49 pm09:52 pm10:00 pm
09:53 pm10:05 pm10:19 pm10:22 pm10:30 pm
10:23 pm10:35 pm10:49 pm10:52 pm11:00 pm
10:53 pm11:05 pm11:19 pm11:22 pm11:30 pm
11:23 pm11:35 pm11:49 pm11:52 pm12:00 am
11:53 pm12:05 am12:19 am12:22 am12:30 am
12:23 am12:35 am12:49 am12:52 am01:00 am
Indian Creek Station (East Loop)Redan Rd & S Hairston RdRedan Rd & Martin RdStn Mtn-Lithonia Rd & Marbut RdMall at Stonecrest
05:45 am05:52 am05:56 am06:08 am06:22 am
06:15 am06:23 am06:29 am06:43 am06:57 am
06:45 am06:53 am06:59 am07:13 am07:27 am
07:15 am07:23 am07:29 am07:43 am07:57 am
07:45 am07:53 am07:59 am08:13 am08:27 am
08:15 am08:23 am08:29 am08:43 am08:57 am
08:45 am08:53 am08:59 am09:13 am09:25 am
09:15 am09:23 am09:28 am09:42 am09:54 am
09:45 am09:53 am09:58 am10:12 am10:24 am
10:15 am10:23 am10:28 am10:42 am10:54 am
10:45 am10:53 am10:58 am11:12 am11:24 am
11:15 am11:23 am11:28 am11:42 am11:54 am
11:45 am11:53 am11:58 am12:12 pm12:24 pm
12:15 pm12:23 pm12:28 pm12:42 pm12:54 pm
12:45 pm12:53 pm12:58 pm01:12 pm01:24 pm
01:15 pm01:23 pm01:28 pm01:42 pm01:54 pm
01:45 pm01:53 pm01:58 pm02:12 pm02:24 pm
02:15 pm02:23 pm02:28 pm02:42 pm02:54 pm
02:45 pm02:53 pm02:58 pm03:12 pm03:26 pm
03:15 pm03:23 pm03:29 pm03:45 pm03:59 pm
03:30 pm03:38 pm03:44 pm04:00 pm04:14 pm
03:45 pm03:53 pm03:59 pm04:15 pm04:29 pm
04:00 pm04:08 pm04:14 pm04:30 pm04:44 pm
04:15 pm04:23 pm04:29 pm04:45 pm04:59 pm
04:30 pm04:38 pm04:44 pm05:00 pm05:14 pm
04:45 pm04:53 pm04:59 pm05:15 pm05:29 pm
05:00 pm05:08 pm05:14 pm05:30 pm05:44 pm
05:15 pm05:23 pm05:29 pm05:45 pm05:59 pm
05:30 pm05:38 pm05:44 pm06:00 pm06:14 pm
05:45 pm05:53 pm05:59 pm06:15 pm06:29 pm
06:00 pm06:08 pm06:14 pm06:30 pm06:44 pm
06:15 pm06:23 pm06:29 pm06:45 pm06:59 pm
06:30 pm06:38 pm06:44 pm07:00 pm07:12 pm
06:45 pm06:53 pm06:59 pm07:15 pm07:27 pm
07:00 pm07:07 pm07:12 pm07:25 pm07:37 pm
07:15 pm07:22 pm07:27 pm07:40 pm07:52 pm
07:45 pm07:52 pm07:57 pm08:10 pm08:22 pm
08:15 pm08:22 pm08:27 pm08:40 pm08:52 pm
08:45 pm08:52 pm08:57 pm09:10 pm09:22 pm
09:15 pm09:22 pm09:27 pm09:40 pm09:52 pm
09:45 pm09:52 pm09:57 pm10:10 pm10:22 pm
10:15 pm10:22 pm10:27 pm10:40 pm10:52 pm
10:45 pm10:52 pm10:57 pm11:10 pm11:22 pm
11:15 pm11:22 pm11:27 pm11:40 pm11:52 pm
11:45 pm11:52 pm11:57 pm12:10 am12:22 am
12:15 am12:22 am12:27 am12:40 am12:52 am