Route 153
H E Holmes / Browntown

Route 153 Operates from H. E. Holmes Station to Browntown Road along M L King Jr. Drive, Hamilton E. Holmes Drive, James Jackson Pkwy., Browntown Road, Maldo Drive, Argyle Drive, Marco Drive, Bridgeport Drive, and Audrey Place within the Lincoln Homes neighborhood.

Intersecting Rail Stations:

Route Schedules

Weekday Schedule
Browntown Rd & Maldo DrJames Jackson Pky & Northwest DrHamilton E Holmes Station
05:10 am05:17 am05:26 am
05:59 am06:06 am06:16 am
06:49 am06:56 am07:06 am
07:39 am07:46 am07:56 am
08:29 am08:36 am08:46 am
09:19 am09:26 am09:36 am
10:09 am10:16 am10:26 am
10:59 am11:06 am11:16 am
11:49 am11:56 am12:06 pm
12:39 pm12:46 pm12:56 pm
01:29 pm01:36 pm01:46 pm
02:19 pm02:26 pm02:36 pm
03:07 pm03:14 pm03:26 pm
03:57 pm04:04 pm04:16 pm
04:47 pm04:54 pm05:06 pm
05:37 pm05:44 pm05:56 pm
06:27 pm06:34 pm06:46 pm
07:19 pm07:26 pm07:36 pm
08:09 pm08:16 pm08:26 pm
08:59 pm09:06 pm09:16 pm
09:49 pm09:56 pm10:06 pm
10:39 pm10:46 pm10:56 pm
11:29 pm11:36 pm11:46 pm
Hamilton E Holmes StationJames Jackson Pky & Northwest DrBrowntown Rd & Maldo Dr
05:41 am05:50 am05:55 am
06:34 am06:44 am06:49 am
07:24 am07:34 am07:39 am
08:14 am08:24 am08:29 am
09:04 am09:14 am09:19 am
09:54 am10:04 am10:09 am
10:44 am10:54 am10:59 am
11:34 am11:44 am11:49 am
12:24 pm12:34 pm12:39 pm
01:14 pm01:24 pm01:29 pm
02:04 pm02:14 pm02:19 pm
02:52 pm03:02 pm03:07 pm
03:41 pm03:52 pm03:57 pm
04:31 pm04:42 pm04:47 pm
05:21 pm05:32 pm05:37 pm
06:11 pm06:22 pm06:27 pm
07:03 pm07:14 pm07:19 pm
07:55 pm08:04 pm08:09 pm
08:45 pm08:54 pm08:59 pm
09:35 pm09:44 pm09:49 pm
10:25 pm10:34 pm10:39 pm
11:15 pm11:24 pm11:29 pm
12:15 am12:24 am12:29 am