Route 86
Fairington Road

Route 86 Operates from Kensington Station to the Mall at Stonecrest (mall hours only) along Peachcrest Road, Columbia Drive, Snapfinger Road, Snapfinger Woods Drive, Miller Road, GRTA Park & Ride, Fairington Road, Hillandale Drive, and Mall Parkway. Points of Interest include: DeKalb Medical Center at Hillandale, and The Mall at Stonecrest.

Intersecting Rail Stations:

Route Schedules

Weekday Schedule
Mall at StonecrestHillandale Dr & Hillandale Pk DrGRTA Park & RideSnapfinger Wds & Wesley ChapelColumbia Dr & Snapfinger RdKensington Station
--04:30 am04:39 am04:50 am04:58 am05:10 am
--04:50 am04:59 am05:10 am05:18 am05:30 am
--05:10 am05:19 am05:30 am05:38 am05:50 am
--05:28 am05:37 am05:48 am05:56 am06:10 am
--05:44 am05:53 am06:07 am06:16 am06:30 am
--06:01 am06:13 am06:27 am06:36 am06:50 am
--06:21 am06:33 am06:47 am06:56 am07:10 am
06:30 am06:41 am06:53 am07:07 am07:16 am07:30 am
--07:01 am07:13 am07:27 am07:36 am07:50 am
07:10 am07:21 am07:33 am07:47 am07:56 am08:10 am
--07:41 am07:53 am08:07 am08:16 am08:30 am
07:50 am08:01 am08:13 am08:27 am08:36 am08:50 am
--08:22 am08:34 am08:48 am08:57 am09:10 am
08:32 am08:43 am08:55 am09:09 am09:17 am09:30 am
09:09 am09:19 am09:30 am09:44 am09:52 am10:05 am
09:49 am09:59 am10:10 am10:24 am10:32 am10:45 am
10:29 am10:39 am10:50 am11:04 am11:12 am11:25 am
11:09 am11:19 am11:30 am11:44 am11:52 am12:05 pm
11:49 am11:59 am12:10 pm12:24 pm12:32 pm12:45 pm
12:29 pm12:39 pm12:50 pm01:04 pm01:12 pm01:25 pm
01:09 pm01:19 pm01:30 pm01:44 pm01:52 pm02:05 pm
01:49 pm01:59 pm02:10 pm02:24 pm02:32 pm02:45 pm
02:29 pm02:39 pm02:50 pm03:04 pm03:12 pm03:25 pm
03:09 pm03:19 pm03:30 pm03:44 pm03:52 pm04:05 pm
03:54 pm04:04 pm04:15 pm04:29 pm04:37 pm04:50 pm
04:34 pm04:44 pm04:55 pm05:09 pm05:17 pm05:30 pm
05:14 pm05:24 pm05:35 pm05:49 pm05:57 pm06:10 pm
05:54 pm06:04 pm06:15 pm06:29 pm06:37 pm06:50 pm
06:33 pm06:43 pm06:54 pm07:05 pm07:13 pm07:25 pm
07:14 pm07:24 pm07:34 pm07:45 pm07:53 pm08:05 pm
07:54 pm08:04 pm08:14 pm08:25 pm08:33 pm08:45 pm
08:34 pm08:44 pm08:54 pm09:05 pm09:13 pm09:25 pm
09:14 pm09:24 pm09:34 pm09:45 pm09:53 pm10:05 pm
09:54 pm10:04 pm10:14 pm10:25 pm10:33 pm10:45 pm
10:34 pm10:44 pm10:54 pm11:05 pm11:13 pm11:25 pm
11:14 pm11:24 pm11:34 pm11:45 pm11:53 pm12:05 am
11:54 pm12:04 am12:14 am12:25 am12:33 am12:45 am
Kensington StationColumbia Dr & Snapfinger RdSnapfinger Wds & Wesley ChapelGRTA Park & RideHillandale Dr & Hillandale Pk DrMall at Stonecrest
05:40 am05:51 am06:00 am06:11 am06:20 am06:30 am
06:20 am06:31 am06:40 am06:51 am07:00 am07:10 am
07:00 am07:11 am07:20 am07:31 am07:40 am07:50 am
07:40 am07:51 am08:00 am08:11 am08:20 am08:30 am
08:20 am08:31 am08:40 am08:51 am09:00 am09:10 am
09:00 am09:11 am09:20 am09:31 am09:40 am09:50 am
09:40 am09:51 am10:00 am10:11 am10:20 am10:30 am
10:20 am10:31 am10:40 am10:51 am11:00 am11:10 am
11:00 am11:11 am11:20 am11:31 am11:40 am11:50 am
11:40 am11:51 am12:00 pm12:11 pm12:20 pm12:30 pm
12:20 pm12:31 pm12:40 pm12:51 pm01:00 pm01:10 pm
01:00 pm01:11 pm01:20 pm01:31 pm01:40 pm01:50 pm
01:40 pm01:51 pm02:00 pm02:11 pm02:20 pm02:30 pm
02:20 pm02:31 pm02:40 pm02:51 pm03:00 pm03:11 pm
03:00 pm03:12 pm03:22 pm03:34 pm03:44 pm03:55 pm
03:20 pm03:32 pm03:42 pm03:54 pm04:04 pm04:15 pm
03:40 pm03:52 pm04:02 pm04:14 pm04:24 pm04:35 pm
04:00 pm04:12 pm04:22 pm04:34 pm04:44 pm04:55 pm
04:20 pm04:32 pm04:42 pm04:54 pm05:04 pm05:15 pm
04:40 pm04:52 pm05:02 pm05:14 pm05:24 pm05:35 pm
05:00 pm05:12 pm05:22 pm05:34 pm05:44 pm05:55 pm
05:20 pm05:32 pm05:42 pm05:54 pm06:04 pm06:15 pm
05:40 pm05:52 pm06:02 pm06:14 pm06:24 pm06:35 pm
06:00 pm06:12 pm06:22 pm06:34 pm06:44 pm06:55 pm
06:20 pm06:32 pm06:42 pm06:54 pm07:04 pm07:14 pm
06:40 pm06:52 pm07:02 pm07:13 pm07:22 pm07:32 pm
07:00 pm07:11 pm07:20 pm07:31 pm07:40 pm07:50 pm
07:40 pm07:51 pm08:00 pm08:11 pm08:20 pm08:30 pm
08:20 pm08:31 pm08:40 pm08:51 pm09:00 pm09:10 pm
09:00 pm09:11 pm09:20 pm09:31 pm09:40 pm09:50 pm
09:40 pm09:51 pm10:00 pm10:11 pm10:20 pm10:30 pm
10:20 pm10:31 pm10:40 pm10:51 pm11:00 pm11:10 pm
11:00 pm11:11 pm11:20 pm11:31 pm11:40 pm11:50 pm
11:40 pm11:51 pm12:00 am12:11 am12:20 am12:30 am
12:20 am12:31 am12:40 am12:51 am01:00 am01:10 am