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MARTA launched a new program called Artbound as an attempt to transform and enhance the experience of people who commute using MARTA’s transit system. To fulfill this mission, MARTA’s Art in Transit administrator Katherine Dirga oversees the program and guides it to assure high-quality pieces are installed that mirror the “vibrancy and history of the communities we serve.” Artwork will not be the only media outlet that Artbound uses to engage MARTA’s commuters. Along with new art pieces, performing arts will be showcased as well to assist in representing Atlanta throughout MARTA stations.

Artbound is currently undergoing several projects including scouting for artists to design artwork at Grant Street near MARTA’s King Memorial Transit station, displaying the new Shadowmaker sculpture by designer Jaime Hayon at Arts Center Transit Station, renovating and polishing existing artworks in stations, and hosting a public talent showcase to create a roster of professional musicians to play weekly in stations.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, contact Art in Transit Administrator Katherine Dirga: kdirga@itsmarta.com | 404-848-6864


ATLANTA— With a reinvigorated push around the arts, Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) launched a new program aimed at aesthetically enhancing and integrating art throughout the rail system. The Authority kicked off the newly established “Artbound” program with an inaugural launch event featuring dancers and musicians at Five Points MARTA Station on Monday, June 19.
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Designer Jaime Hayon’s
Shadowmaker sculpture at Arts Center Station


MARTA partnered with The High Museum of Art and Midtown Alliance to enhance the Arts Center Station's plaza. Artist Jaime Hayon created an interactive sculpture titled Shadowmaker and had it placed in the plaza at the beginning of June, adding a new quirky and entertaining focal point to the area.

Ideal look for the tunnel at Grant Street
(image of Richard Elliot’s Thunder Over the Rockies in Denver, CO)


Ideal look for the tunnel at Grant Street
(image of Richard Elliot’s Thunder Over the Rockies in Denver, CO)

MARTA invites artists to forward submissions for the commissioning of an innovative, dynamic public art installation at Grant Street in the tunnel near the MARTA King Memorial Transit Station. At the moment, planning stages are being processed for the artwork to come to life. MARTA’s art in transit administrator Katherine Dirga envisions the work to incorporate lighting in the tunnel with paint and other materials on the walls and ceiling. Th goal is to increase the light level in the tunnel to increase accessibility, so that pedestrians feel safe and confident while using the walkway under through the tunnel. Here ( https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1nqexLWEsBlTkxTVTVyM1pIT1k/view?usp=sharing),  a link to the RFP can be found.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this project, contact Dena Hasty: dhasty@itsmarta.com | 404-848-5606