Route 123
N. DeKalb Mall/Belvedere

Route 123 From Decatur Station, this route serves South McDonough Street, Church Street, and Midway Road. Points of interest include DeKalb Medical Center at North Decatur, North DeKalb Mall, Agnes Scott College and Belvedere Shopping Plaza.

Intersecting Rail Stations:

Route Schedules

Weekday Schedule
Decatur StationS. Candler St. & Midway Rd.Carter St & Fairlee Dr. ArrCarter St & Fairlee Dr.Dep.S. Candler St. & Midway Rd.Decatur Station
-- --05:20 am05:30 am05:36 am05:46 am
05:35 am05:45 am05:50 am06:00 am06:06 am06:16 am
06:15 am06:25 am06:30 am06:40 am06:47 am07:00 am
06:55 am07:07 am07:14 am07:24 am07:31 am07:44 am
07:35 am07:47 am07:54 am08:04 am08:11 am08:24 am
08:15 am08:27 am08:34 am08:44 am08:51 am09:04 am
08:55 am09:07 am09:14 am09:24 am09:31 am09:45 am
09:35 am09:48 am09:54 am10:04 am10:11 am10:25 am
10:15 am10:28 am10:34 am10:44 am10:51 am11:05 am
10:55 am11:08 am11:14 am11:24 am11:31 am11:45 am
11:35 am11:48 am11:54 am12:04 pm12:11 pm12:25 pm
12:15 pm12:28 pm12:34 pm12:44 pm12:51 pm01:05 pm
12:55 pm01:08 pm01:14 pm01:24 pm01:31 pm01:45 pm
01:35 pm01:48 pm01:54 pm02:04 pm02:11 pm02:25 pm
02:15 pm02:28 pm02:34 pm02:44 pm02:51 pm03:05 pm
02:55 pm03:08 pm03:14 pm03:24 pm03:31 pm03:45 pm
03:35 pm03:49 pm03:56 pm04:06 pm04:13 pm04:27 pm
04:15 pm04:29 pm04:36 pm04:46 pm04:53 pm05:07 pm
04:55 pm05:09 pm05:16 pm05:26 pm05:33 pm05:47 pm
05:35 pm05:49 pm05:56 pm06:06 pm06:13 pm06:27 pm
06:15 pm06:29 pm06:36 pm06:46 pm06:53 pm07:07 pm
07:00 pm07:14 pm07:21 pm07:31 pm07:37 pm07:47 pm
07:35 pm07:46 pm07:52 pm08:02 pm08:08 pm08:18 pm
08:15 pm08:26 pm08:32 pm08:42 pm08:48 pm08:58 pm
08:55 pm09:06 pm09:12 pm09:22 pm09:28 pm09:38 pm
09:35 pm09:46 pm09:52 pm10:02 pm10:08 pm10:18 pm
10:15 pm10:26 pm10:32 pm10:42 pm10:48 pm10:58 pm
10:55 pm11:06 pm11:12 pm11:22 pm11:28 pm11:38 pm
Decatur StationDeKalb Medical CenterNorth Dekalb MallDeKalb Medical CenterDecatur Station
05:25 am05:34 am05:43 am05:52 am05:59 am
06:05 am06:14 am06:23 am06:32 am06:40 am
06:45 am06:55 am07:08 am07:19 am07:27 am
07:25 am07:35 am07:48 am07:59 am08:07 am
08:05 am08:15 am08:28 am08:39 am08:47 am
08:45 am08:55 am09:08 am09:19 am09:27 am
09:25 am09:35 am09:48 am10:01 am10:09 am
10:05 am10:14 am10:27 am10:40 am10:48 am
10:45 am10:54 am11:07 am11:20 am11:28 am
11:25 am11:34 am11:47 am12:00 pm12:08 pm
12:05 pm12:14 pm12:27 pm12:40 pm12:48 pm
12:45 pm12:54 pm01:07 pm01:20 pm01:28 pm
01:25 pm01:34 pm01:47 pm02:00 pm02:08 pm
02:05 pm02:14 pm02:27 pm02:40 pm02:48 pm
02:45 pm02:54 pm03:07 pm03:20 pm03:28 pm
03:25 pm03:34 pm03:50 pm04:04 pm04:12 pm
04:05 pm04:16 pm04:32 pm04:46 pm04:54 pm
04:45 pm04:56 pm05:12 pm05:26 pm05:34 pm
05:25 pm05:36 pm05:52 pm06:06 pm06:14 pm
06:10 pm06:21 pm06:37 pm06:51 pm06:59 pm
06:45 pm06:56 pm07:12 pm07:26 pm07:34 pm
07:31 pm07:40 pm07:49 pm08:00 pm08:07 pm
08:05 pm08:14 pm08:23 pm08:34 pm08:41 pm
08:45 pm08:54 pm09:03 pm09:14 pm09:21 pm
09:25 pm09:34 pm09:43 pm09:54 pm10:01 pm
10:05 pm10:14 pm10:23 pm10:34 pm10:41 pm
10:45 pm10:54 pm11:03 pm11:14 pm11:21 pm