Route 3
Martin Luther King Jr. Dr/Auburn Av

Route 3 Travels from Hamilton E. Holmes Station along Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Northside Drive, and Peters Street to Five Points Station, and then along Auburn Avenue and either Highland Avenue or McClendon Avenue to Edgewood/ Candler Park Station.

Route Schedules

Weekday Schedule
Hamilton E. Holmes StationM. L. King Jr. Dr. @ Westlake AvMartin Luther King & WhitehouseAlabama & Broad St.Helene Mills Senior Center
05:04 am05:11 am05:17 am05:30 am05:43 am
05:34 am05:41 am05:47 am06:00 am06:13 am
06:01 am06:09 am06:16 am06:35 am06:48 am
06:31 am06:42 am06:49 am07:08 am07:21 am
07:01 am07:09 am07:16 am07:35 am07:48 am
07:31 am07:42 am07:49 am08:08 am08:21 am
08:01 am08:09 am08:16 am08:35 am08:48 am
08:31 am08:42 am08:49 am09:08 am09:21 am
09:01 am09:09 am09:16 am09:35 am09:48 am
09:31 am09:42 am09:49 am10:08 am10:21 am
10:01 am10:09 am10:16 am10:35 am10:48 am
10:31 am10:42 am10:49 am11:08 am11:21 am
11:01 am11:09 am11:16 am11:35 am11:48 am
11:31 am11:42 am11:49 am12:08 pm12:21 pm
12:01 pm12:09 pm12:16 pm12:35 pm12:48 pm
12:31 pm12:42 pm12:49 pm01:08 pm01:21 pm
01:01 pm01:09 pm01:16 pm01:35 pm01:48 pm
01:31 pm01:42 pm01:49 pm02:08 pm02:21 pm
02:01 pm02:09 pm02:16 pm02:35 pm02:48 pm
02:31 pm02:42 pm02:49 pm03:08 pm03:21 pm
03:01 pm03:09 pm03:16 pm03:35 pm03:48 pm
03:31 pm03:43 pm03:50 pm04:10 pm04:23 pm
04:01 pm04:10 pm04:17 pm04:37 pm04:50 pm
04:31 pm04:43 pm04:50 pm05:10 pm05:23 pm
05:01 pm05:10 pm05:17 pm05:37 pm05:50 pm
05:31 pm05:43 pm05:50 pm06:10 pm06:23 pm
06:01 pm06:10 pm06:17 pm06:37 pm06:50 pm
06:31 pm06:43 pm06:50 pm07:10 pm07:23 pm
07:01 pm07:10 pm07:17 pm07:37 pm07:50 pm
07:41 pm07:53 pm08:00 pm08:13 pm08:26 pm
08:36 pm08:43 pm08:49 pm09:02 pm09:15 pm
09:31 pm09:38 pm09:44 pm09:57 pm10:10 pm
10:26 pm10:33 pm10:39 pm10:52 pm11:05 pm
11:11 pm11:18 pm11:24 pm11:37 pm11:50 pm
12:14 am12:21 am12:27 am12:40 am12:53 am
Helene Mills Senior CenterAlabama & Broad St.Martin Luther King & WhitehouseM. L. King Jr. Dr. @ Westlake AvHamilton E. Holmes Station
04:58 am05:11 am05:24 am05:31 am05:39 am
05:28 am05:41 am05:54 am06:01 am06:09 am
05:58 am06:11 am06:24 am06:31 am06:39 am
06:28 am06:41 am06:54 am07:01 am07:09 am
06:56 am07:09 am07:22 am07:28 am07:39 am
07:28 am07:41 am07:54 am08:01 am08:09 am
07:56 am08:09 am08:22 am08:28 am08:39 am
08:29 am08:42 am08:55 am09:01 am09:09 am
08:51 am09:04 am09:19 am09:27 am09:38 am
09:28 am09:41 am09:54 am10:00 am10:08 am
09:51 am10:04 am10:19 am10:27 am10:38 am
10:28 am10:41 am10:54 am11:00 am11:08 am
10:51 am11:04 am11:19 am11:27 am11:38 am
11:28 am11:41 am11:54 am12:00 pm12:08 pm
11:51 am12:04 pm12:19 pm12:27 pm12:38 pm
12:28 pm12:41 pm12:54 pm01:00 pm01:08 pm
12:51 pm01:04 pm01:19 pm01:27 pm01:38 pm
01:28 pm01:41 pm01:54 pm02:00 pm02:08 pm
01:51 pm02:04 pm02:19 pm02:27 pm02:38 pm
02:28 pm02:41 pm02:54 pm03:00 pm03:08 pm
02:51 pm03:04 pm03:19 pm03:27 pm03:39 pm
03:28 pm03:41 pm03:56 pm04:04 pm04:13 pm
03:58 pm04:11 pm04:24 pm04:31 pm04:43 pm
04:28 pm04:41 pm04:56 pm05:04 pm05:13 pm
04:58 pm05:11 pm05:24 pm05:31 pm05:43 pm
05:28 pm05:41 pm05:56 pm06:04 pm06:13 pm
05:58 pm06:11 pm06:24 pm06:31 pm06:43 pm
06:33 pm06:46 pm07:01 pm07:09 pm07:18 pm
06:58 pm07:11 pm07:24 pm07:31 pm07:43 pm
07:30 pm07:43 pm07:58 pm08:05 pm08:13 pm
07:56 pm08:09 pm08:22 pm08:29 pm08:39 pm
08:35 pm08:48 pm09:01 pm09:08 pm09:16 pm
09:20 pm09:33 pm09:46 pm09:53 pm10:01 pm
10:15 pm10:28 pm10:41 pm10:48 pm10:56 pm
11:13 pm11:26 pm11:39 pm11:46 pm11:54 pm
11:58 pm12:11 am12:24 am12:31 am12:39 am