Route 67
West End / Dixie Hills

Route 67 services West End via Ralph D. Abernathy Blvd, Lucile Ave and Joseph Lowery Blvd to West End Station. West Lake service is via a neighborhood circulator in Dixie Hills on Anderson Ave/Tiger Flowers/Verbena/Penelope St/Penelope Rd to West Lake Station.

Intersecting Rail Stations:

Route Schedules

Weekday Schedule
West End StationRalph Abernathy & LucilleWest Lake StationChenault & PenelopeWest Lake Station
-- --05:10 am05:23 am05:25 am
05:27 am05:36 am05:45 am05:58 am06:00 am
05:57 am06:06 am06:15 am06:28 am06:30 am
06:27 am06:36 am06:45 am06:58 am07:00 am
06:57 am07:06 am07:15 am07:28 am07:30 am
07:27 am07:36 am07:45 am07:58 am08:00 am
07:57 am08:06 am08:15 am08:28 am08:30 am
08:27 am08:36 am08:45 am08:58 am09:00 am
08:57 am09:06 am09:15 am09:28 am09:30 am
09:57 am10:06 am10:15 am10:28 am10:30 am
10:57 am11:06 am11:15 am11:28 am11:30 am
11:57 am12:06 pm12:15 pm12:28 pm12:30 pm
12:57 pm01:06 pm01:15 pm01:28 pm01:30 pm
01:57 pm02:06 pm02:15 pm02:28 pm02:30 pm
02:57 pm03:06 pm03:15 pm03:28 pm03:30 pm
03:57 pm04:06 pm04:15 pm04:28 pm04:30 pm
04:27 pm04:36 pm04:45 pm04:58 pm05:00 pm
04:57 pm05:06 pm05:15 pm05:28 pm05:30 pm
05:27 pm05:36 pm05:45 pm05:58 pm06:00 pm
05:57 pm06:06 pm06:15 pm06:28 pm06:30 pm
06:27 pm06:36 pm06:45 pm06:58 pm07:00 pm
07:27 pm07:36 pm07:45 pm07:58 pm08:00 pm
08:27 pm08:36 pm08:45 pm08:58 pm09:00 pm
09:27 pm09:36 pm09:45 pm09:58 pm10:00 pm
10:27 pm10:36 pm10:45 pm10:58 pm11:00 pm
11:27 pm11:36 pm11:45 pm11:58 pm12:00 am
West Lake StationRalph Abernathy & LucilleWest End Station
05:32 am05:35 am05:45 am
06:02 am06:05 am06:15 am
06:32 am06:35 am06:45 am
07:02 am07:05 am07:15 am
07:32 am07:35 am07:45 am
08:02 am08:05 am08:15 am
08:32 am08:35 am08:45 am
09:02 am09:05 am09:15 am
09:32 am09:35 am09:45 am
10:32 am10:35 am10:45 am
11:32 am11:35 am11:45 am
12:32 pm12:35 pm12:45 pm
01:32 pm01:35 pm01:45 pm
02:32 pm02:35 pm02:45 pm
03:32 pm03:35 pm03:45 pm
04:02 pm04:05 pm04:15 pm
04:32 pm04:35 pm04:45 pm
05:02 pm05:05 pm05:15 pm
05:32 pm05:35 pm05:45 pm
06:02 pm06:05 pm06:15 pm
06:32 pm06:35 pm06:45 pm
07:02 pm07:05 pm07:15 pm
08:02 pm08:05 pm08:15 pm
09:02 pm09:05 pm09:15 pm
10:02 pm10:05 pm10:15 pm
11:07 pm11:10 pm11:20 pm