MARTA Bus Realtime RESTful API

The Feed

There are two methods to access the MARTA bus RESTful real-time data:

  • GetAllBus – returns all active buses with real-time data across the entire system
  • GetBusByRoute – returns those active buses with real-time data for a given route{ROUTE} 


The MARTA Bus Real-time Data RESTful Web Service provides information about the real-time location and schedule adherence for active buses on the MARTA system. Opened to developers in October 2012, the feed works in conjunction with schedule data provided in MARTA’s GTFS feed.

Sample Response

[ { "ADHERENCE": "4", "BLOCKID": "31", "BLOCK_ABBR": "110-4", "DIRECTION": "Northbound", "LATITUDE": "33.8346347", "LONGITUDE": "-84.3824637", "MSGTIME": "5\/14\/2013 11:14:04 AM", "ROUTE": "110", "STOPID": "900456", "TIMEPOINT": "Peachtree Hills & Peachtree", "TRIPID": "3719918", "VEHICLE": "2853" }, ... ]

Code Examples

For examples on how to use the MARTA RESTful web service, please visit MARTA’s github page.