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The New MARTA Web Site Survey


1.  What is the purpose of your visit to the MARTA web site today?


2.  Is this your first time visiting the MARTA web site?

3.  (IF YES) how often do you visit the site?

4.  Did you locate the information that you needed?

5.  Did you use the previous web site for this information?

6.  (IF YES) Compared to the previous web site, how easy was it to find the information:


7.  On a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 is “Poor” and 5 is “Excellent,” please rate the overall look and feel of the new MARTA web site.

8. Are you a MARTA Employee?

9. If yes, what department do you work in?

10.  Compared to the previous web site, how would you rate the new look?

11.  Why did you say, better, worse or about the same?


12.  Will you use this web site in the future?

13.  If you will use the web site in the future please explain why?


14.  If you will not use the web site in the future please explain why?


15.  What, if anything on MARTA’s web site would you change?  Why?


16.  What, if anything on MARTA’s web site would you like to add?  Why?



17.  How often do you ride MARTA?     


18.  Do you usually ride…?


19.  Do you have another method of transportation other than MARTA?

20.  What is the primary purpose of the trips you make most often on MARTA? 

21.  Would you like MARTA to contact you regarding any questions or concerns you may have?



 If yes, enter e-mail address





22. What is your home zip code?


23. Which number best represents your age?

24. Which number best represents your total household income before taxes?


25. Are you Spanish, Hispanic or Latino? 



26. Which best represents your race?  






    Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority 

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