Motor UnitMotor Unit

The MARTA Police Department operates a Motor Unit to compliment the departments’ Specialized Patrol Unit (Bus Patrol). The Motor Unit was established in 2004. The Motor Unit also assists the department in calls for service, mutual aid, and community resource functions. The department motorcycles are utilized as highly visible, community-oriented patrol vehicles. The motorcycle is an effective patrol vehicle that combines mobility with close citizen contact provided by foot patrols. The objectives of the MARTA Police Motorcycle Unit are:

  • To support the operations of the MARTA Police Department
  • Escort buses during bus bridge activation to assist the buses in negotiating traffic
  • Utilized during Large Scale Special Events for traffic and other duties as determined
  • Funeral escorts
  • To allow for an orderly and expeditiousl flow of traffic in and around MARTA facilities
  • To promote versatile maneuverability through traffic congestion when responding to emergencies
  • Patrol the bus routes and respond to bus calls for service
  • To maintain compliance with all federal and state laws, as well as local ordinance traffic regulations through enforcement actions, verbal/written warnings, and citations.

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