M*PACT Program

M ARTA Police
P roactively
A ttacking
C rime
T rends


MARTA Police Department uses a progressive new crime control model—M*PACT (MARTA Police Proactively Attacking Crime Trends). This program is being modeled after the highly successful COMPSTAT program that was developed by the New York City Transit Police in 1990.

The objective of M*PACT is to efficiently utilize officers. The Precinct Commanders and their staff develop strategies to address the problems in their areas. Police officers are then deployed to areas in a timely manner.

Weekly M*PACT meetings are held to monitor and to report the strategies of each precinct. All Precinct Commanders are held accountable for their precincts success.

What is M*PACT?

By aggressively analyzing data and using computer mapping, M*PACT shows trends in customer complaints, crimes, calls for service and disorder on the system. This information is then used to aid commanders in deploying resources in the most efficient manner.

There are five basic principles to M*PACT:

  1. Set specific objectives: Recommended that objectives not be expressed or measured in numbers or percentages.
  2. Timely and accurate intelligence: Computerized pin mapping and other crime analysis techniques serve as a radar system, achieving the early identification of crime patterns and patrons concerns.
  3. Effective tactics: The effectiveness of new tactics or strategies are rapidly assessed. Failed tactics are discarded while successful tactics are replicated in other precincts. Communication between ranks enhances tactics and strategies.
  4. Rapid deployment of personnel and resources: The rapid deployment of personnel and resources increases service to our customers in the most efficient manner.
  5. Relentless follow-up and assessment: Gathering of field intelligence, adapting tactics to changing conditions and the close review of field results is a daily occurrence. This results in quicker and more efficient tactics.

We need your help

M*PACT analyzes problem areas by collecting data from calls for service, customer suggestions and previous crimes. We need your assistance in making your MARTA system a safe and friendly environment.

Call our Customer Service Center and report general areas of concern. In an emergency, call MARTA Police directly at  #MPD and Blackberry users dial #673. All other cellular network subscribers or pay phone users should call MARTA Police at (404) 848-4911.  Help us make MARTA the best ride in town.


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