Patron Awareness Safety


MARTA is taking all precautions to be sure our system is safe and our customers secure.

When using the MARTA system, assist us by being our eyes and ears and reporting any suspicious activity or packages. Your help in remaining alert and adhering to our safety guidelines will keep MARTA safe for everyone. MARTA police officers in uniform and plain clothes routinely patrol MARTA buses and MARTA trains, stations and parking lots. Other MARTA employees are inspecting all segments of the system and are also in a heightened alert status. Emergency response plans are in place for a variety of crisis scenarios.

You can help by being our partners in keeping the system safe. While the majority of items left unattended in stations, on buses, and on trains are harmless, we ask that you report any suspicious package or activity to a uniformed MARTA employee or police officer. Please do not go near unattended items or handle them.

Following are some guidelines for dealing with emergency situation.

  • ON A TRAIN use the emergency intercom at either end of the car to talk to the train operator. If the train stops, listen for the operator’s instructions and follow them quickly and calmly. Fire extinguishers are located on trains under the seats at the end of the car.
  • IN A STATION use the white or blue assistance phones located throughout the stations and at each fare gate. Listen for station announcements and follow instructions quickly and calmly. Familiarize yourself with all the entrances to the station that you frequently use in case you ever have to take a different exit.
  • ON A MARTA BUS follow the bus operator’s instructions. Emergency exit procedures are listed on windows, ceiling escape hatches and on doors. Fire extinguishers are inside the front door under the passenger side seat, behind or beneath the driver’s
    seat. Familiarize yourself with these procedures.
  • TO CONTACT POLICE, Verizon or AT&T (formerly Cingular), Sprint Nextel cell phone subscribers should dial #MPD and Blackberry users dial #673 for direct police assistance. All other cellular network subscribers or pay phone users should call MARTA police at (404) 848-4911. Please be assured that MARTA employees are thoroughly trained to respond to emergency situations. Please cooperate with them, remain as calm as possible and act quickly when you have been given instructions by appropriate personnel. If you want more information, call the Customer Service Center at (404) 848-4800.

Wanda Y. Dunham
Chief of Police / MARTA Police


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