FAQs for Police Officer

1. How do I apply for MARTA Police?

If the Police Officer position is available, the application would be available for download.

2. What are the qualification requirements to be a Police Officer?

You must be at least 21 years old, a United States Citizen, and have a High School Diploma or equivalent. Minimum requirements also include at least one of the following:

  • Two or more years of college (60 semester/90 quarters)
  • One completed term of Honorable Military Service
  • Two years of P.O.S.T. Certified Peace Officer
  • One year as Certified Corrections Officer
  • Completion of a Pre-Service Academy
  • Two Years as a POST Certified Jailer

3. When can I qualify for a specialized unit?

Two years of experience with the MARTA Police Department and successful completion of required training. Bomb Team requires five years of experience with the MARTA Police Department.

4. How long will the background investigation take?

The background investigation and selection process is a lengthy process and may take, in some cases up to six months. This depends on the complexity of the individual’s background. The availability of support personnel and the availability of the applicant to complete the required steps. Applications received by the MARTA Police Department will remain active during the background investigation and selection process.

5. What testing is required for the police department?

Applicants are administered a psychological exam, polygraph exam, also a medical examination to include a drug and alcohol screening.

6. How long does the Police Academy last, and do we stay at Academy?

The MARTA Police Recruit attends the Fulton County Safety Training Center (There is no on–site residential requirement during Academy training). The Basic Mandate program consists of eleven weeks of intense training.

7. Will I get paid while I am enrolled in the Police Academy?

Absolutely! You become a paid employee of the MARTA Police Department once hired and will be paid at the current rate for Police Officer Recruit.

8. How do I get promoted?

To get promoted to the rank of Sergeant you must pass a written exam, complete a two week training class, and an oral interview. To get promoted to the rank of Lieutenant you must complete a one week training class and an oral interview.  Promotions for Majors and above are appointed positions.  

9. I live out of state; will the department work with me to facilitate my trips?

Yes, being nationally recognized, MARTA Police Department draws applicants from around the country. Therefore, we recognize and realize that processing is often difficult for those who do not live in the immediate area. The background investigative personnel will arrange for out out-of-town applicants to complete as many steps as possible while visiting the Atlanta area.

10. What is the starting salary of a MARTA Police Officer?

  • $36,670.40 - Entry/POST Academy Training
  • $38, 126.40 - POST Academy Completion/HS Diploma
  • $39,665.60 - POST Academy Completion/Associates Degree
  • $41, 246.40 - POST Academy Completion/Bachelors Degree

11. Does MARTA Police Department offer lateral transfer?

Lateral Transfer Program

The lateral transfer program will serve as an additional incentive for recruiting skilled applicants with prior experience and proven abilities in law enforcement. It allows experienced officers with two or more consecutive years of service (sworn Georgia post-certified officers) to transfer to MARTA at the senior officer rank based on educational levels, as follows:
Education Rank Step Salary
High School Diploma or Equivalent Senior Officer Step 1 $39,665.60
Associate’s Degree/Two Years of College Senior Officer Step 2 $41,246.40
Bachelor’s Degree Senior Officer Step 3 $42,889.60

The lateral transfer program will only be extended to candidates certified through the State of Georgia.

The lateral program may be extended to candidates with supervisory rank of Lieutenant and above or specialized skills at the discretion of the Chief of Police. Salaries for these position will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


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