Is MARTA Safe?

The MARTA Police Department has units that patrol trains, stations, bus routes and parking lots. With this type of coverage, a MARTA Police Officer is not far away from any of our patron's needs.

What can you as a MARTA Employee expect if you become the victim of a crime, while on MARTA property?

I. At the Crime Scene:

• Upon being contacted, a police officer will respond to the incident location and meet with the Employee/Victim.
• Under the officers Oath of Office/Code of Ethics, General Order 1-108, in order to conduct a fair and impartial investigation the officer must remain neutral.
• The Employee/Victim must be willing to prosecute and testify in court.
• The officer will conduct a preliminary investigation to find out the following:

– Who is involved?
– What happened?
– When did it happen?
– Where did it happen?
– Why did it happen?

• The officer will interview the victim, witnesses and the suspect when possible. The officer will also provide Victim/Witness resources available under state law.
• The officer may request personal information for reporting and investigative purposes.
• The decision to make an arrest is at the discretion of the investigating officer. The decision is generally based on the facts and circumstances surrounding each individual incident. In all cases the operator must be willing to prosecute. A determination is made about making an arrest based on state law and considering a number of factors; including but not limited to…

– Physical evidence at the scene
– Victim statements
– Witness statements
– Suspect statements

• In some cases, the officer may choose to issue the suspect a copy of charges/citation as opposed to making a physical arrest on the scene. A copy of charges is still considered an arrest. The person receiving the citation/copy of charges will be given a date to appear in court and the witnesses/victim will be subpoenaed by the courts to appear to testify.

II. Follow up Investigations:
• If the suspect is not at the scene when the officer arrives or if an arrest is not made at the scene, the case will be forwarded to the Criminal Investigations Unit for follow-up investigation. On occasion a detective will respond to the scene depending on the nature of the crime and the crime scene.
• Based on the information received, the criminal investigations unit may complete a BOLO (Be On the Look Out) flyer on the suspect and distribute it to front line employees.
• When an arrest is made after investigation, the detective will notify the Employee/Victim of this information.

III. Prosecution:
• After an arrest is made the Employee/Victim is notified by the Solicitor or the District Attorney, when they have to appear in court. The Employee/Victim may also receive a subpoena from the Solicitor or District Attorney.
• The District Attorney’s or Solicitor’s Office staff will act on behalf of the victim as it pertains to the criminal case.
There are also victim advocates that work in conjunction with the respective offices to attend to concerns that the victim may have. The MARTA Police Officer/Detective will not represent the victim/employee.
• MARTA Police will also be notified of relevant court dates once the case has been turned over to the District Attorney’s Office or Solicitors Office and will appear to give testimony as requested by the Solicitor or District Attorney. Court dates are not set by MARTA Police; therefore, they will not be responsible for notifying the employee/victim.
• The criminal prosecution will be conducted by the Solicitor or District Attorney representing the jurisdiction where the incident occurred. Once an arrest is made, decisions regarding prosecution, plea bargains, dismissal of charges and other conditions of release are within the authority of the Solicitor or District Attorney, not the MARTA Police.
• If you have questions at any time during the process, feel free to contact the Criminal Investigations Unit Supervisor at (404) 848-5656.


How can employees get a copy of MARTA Police Reports?
Employees may request a copy of a police report, at no cost, from MARTA Police Records or through MARTA’s Legal Department after 3 to 5 business days. Request for police reports for all other jurisdictions must be handled with that jurisdiction.

What is the procedure for bus operators to request someone be removed from the bus?
When responding to a complaint from a bus operator initiated call and there are no charges on the subject, responding officer(s) will remove the subject of the call from the bus. Officers will request a Bus Supervisor to the scene to transport the patron or allow them to wait for the next bus. The responding officer will advised Police Communications (via Radio) of the name of the subject and the bus operator. Police Communications will ensure this information is logged into the CAD System. Officers may offer the subject a courtesy ride to the nearest MARTA station or their destination, if the circumstance aligns with G.O. 61-102 Traffic: Courtesy Ride/ Emergency Assistance (security concern).

What is MARTA Police doing to combat operator assaults?
The MARTA Police Department’s goal is to provide a safe and secure environment for our employees and customers. The department aggressively attacks all crime trends to include operator assaults. The MARTA Police Bus Patrol Unit patrols the bus routes and garages. The Department also deploys Bus Marshals to
ride the buses in both plain clothes and uniforms on troubled routes. Operators may request assistance on troubled route by filling out an Action Request Form and turning it in to their Superintendants. The Bus Patrol Supervisor is responsible for retrieving the completed forms from the Superintendants and will deploy
resources to the Bus routes identified. These forms are located at the Garages. The Criminal Investigations unit aggressively follows up on operator assault cases.

What is MARTA Police Department doing to decrease response times to bus related calls?
In an effort to keep response time down, when MARTA Police communications receives a call they dispatch both the local jurisdiction and the MARTA Police. If the local jurisdiction gets there first, they will take control of the situation and then turn it over to MARTA Police upon arrival. An analysis was complete on response times from 1/1/2008 to 1/1/2010. The times include dispatch and arrival on scene time for the MARTA Police Officer. On many occasions the local jurisdiction will be on scene prior to our arrival. During the above listed time period the average response time for the MARTA Police was under 10 minutes (9:21).

Click here to view a printable version of the Bus Safety Guide 

What do I do if I need police assistance?

While on a train, there is an intercom connected to the train operator who can summon police assistance. While in a station, there are white courtesy phones and blue police phones to summon police assistance. While on a bus, ask the bus operator to call for police assistance. You can also call 404-848-4911 on a cellular or pay phone and be connected directly to MARTA Police Dispatch. You can also contact MARTA Police by dialing "#MPD" on your AT&T(formerly Cingular) , Verizon, Sprint Nextel phone. Blackberry users dial #673 or you can dial 911 on any phone. You will then be connected to the local police who will then forward information to a MARTA Police Dispatcher. You can also ask any MARTA employee for assistance. 

What are the blue and white phones?

The blue phones are for police emergencies or to contact MARTA Police. The white phones are courtesy phones to ask general questions. Either can be used in emergency situations.

Who is allowed to sell Breeze Cards/Tickets?

The only person allowed to sell Breeze Cards/Tickets is an authorized agent of MARTA. This can be verified by asking for the employee's Identification Card. This individual is usually located at one of MARTA's Ridestores.

Where can I buy Breeze Cards/Tickets?

Breeze Cards/Tickets can be purchased at Breeze Vending Machines in the station, and at Ridestore locations.

How do I file a police report?

If you feel you need to file a police report, for incidents OTHER than an emergency, go to the nearest fare gate in any MARTA station and pick up a blue phone and ask to speak to a MARTA police officer. It is recommended that you go to the station where the incident occurred, if known. If you are unable to go to a MARTA Station, you may contact the Police Precinct  where your incident was located, for further information for filing a report.

Precinct contact numbers:

North Precinct :     404-848-3902
South Precinct:     404-848-3641
East Precinct :      404-848-3072
Central Precinct:  404-848-3098

How do I obtain a copy of a police report and how much does it cost?

All reports produced by the MARTA Police Department can be picked up at the Records Unit between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. The Records Unit is located adjacent to the Candler Park MARTA Station at 1484 DeKalb Ave., Atlanta, Ga S. E. 30307. If you have any questions about picking up report you can call (404-848-4248). MARTA Police reports are free of charge. A written request also can be made as long as you have the following information: Name of person(s) involved to include date (s) of Birth and MARTA Incident Number. Enclose a self -addressed/stamped envelope and the report will be mailed back to requestor.

How do I recover personal property/evidence?

Property recovered by the MARTA Police must be claimed within 90 days and subject to disposal without further notification. You may authorize another person to pick up property. You will need to complete a letter of authorization. The letter must include: your name, address, and telephone number, description of the property and the name of the person who is authorized to claim your property. You must sign the letter, and it must be notarized. The person authorized to claim your property, must have a valid picture ID.

Upon final disposition of the court case it is your responsibility to contact the MARTA Police/Evidence. To claim items entered as evidence, you must present a Property and Release Form from the District Attorney or Solicitors Office. These items must be claimed within 90 days of the final disposition of the court case.

General property may be claimed between the hours of 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m., Monday- Friday, except legal holidays.

Weapons will not be returned to convicted felons.

The Property/Evidence Unit is located at: 1484 DeKalb Ave. NE, Atlanta, Ga. 30307. Telephone Number: 404-848-3617. (Next to the Candler Park MARTA station)

How do I locate personal property lost on MARTA?

Lost & Found 

Located at MARTA Five Points Station
(on the Forsyth Street side)
30 Alabama Street
Atlanta, GA 30303

Monday – Friday
9:00 am - 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm - 5:00pm
Click here to access the Lost Item Inquiry Form 

How to pay for fines and contact courts?

Contact the jurisdiction in which the arrest or ticket occurred for payment. Information can be found on the ticket identifying either DeKalb or Fulton jurisdiction.

How do I report a suspicious package
or suspicious activity?

  • Tell a MARTA Police Officer
  • Call on a blue police or white customer service phone located in stations and on rail platforms
  • Dial #MPD on cell phone (AT&T, Sprint/Nextel, Verizon); Blackberry users dial #673
  • Contact Police at (404) 848-4911

What information is needed when reporting a crime?

MARTA Police requests the reporting person to provide accurate and precise information to assist with the report/investigation.

This information should be: What happened? Where did it occur? When did it occur? How did it occur? Who was involved (provide a detail description of race, gender, clothing, etc)?

How do I inquire about an impound vehicle?

MARTA Police Department
Property Control Unit
1484 DeKalb Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30307
404-848-3098 (Central Precinct)
404-848-3184 (Fax)
Hours of Operation 8 AM – 8 PM 7 days a week       

How do I contact a Detective about a crime that happened on MARTA?

Information on contacting a MARTA Detective can be found on the Crime Investgations Unit page

Can MARTA Police make traffic stops?

Yes MARTA Police officers can make traffic stops. MARTA Police officers have the same training, certification, rights and powers as any Georgia law enforcement agency.

Does the MARTA Police Department have a Reserve Officer Program?

Yes. Please call 404-848-4900 for more information.

Qualifications for a MARTA Police Officer?

For information about the Qualifications for a MARTA Police officer please visit the Background & Recruitment page.

What is the extent of MARTA Police jurisdiction?

As a matter of law, MARTA Police Officers have jurisdiction throughout Fulton and DeKalb Counties.

What are the rules for eating and drinking on MARTA?

With the launch of the vending program, MARTA wants to remind customers that while state law allows eating and drinking in rail stations, the consumption of food on MARTA trains and buses is still prohibited.  While on trains and buses, customers are permitted to bring food in closed containers and drink beverages in re-sealable plastic containers.   


Keys locked in vehicle

MARTA Police will not unlock vehicles.  However, our dispatch will be happy to assist the patron by calling a qualified locksmith or an auto road service. (Note: The patron requesting such services will be responsible for payment to the Locksmith/Road Service.)

Ride alongs with the MARTA Police

For ride along questions please contact Officer Natalie Johnson @ 404-848-3670


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