Senior Safety Tips

Traveling on the MARTA System

  • Plan your trip ahead of time.
  • Carry only what you need.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Secure your vehicle and hide your valuables.
  • Go out with family or friends rather than by yourself.
  • Hold your purse close or keep your wallet in an inside front pocket.
  • Don't carry large amounts of cash or unneeded credit cards.
  • Use a direct deposit service for Social Security and other regular checks.
  • Keep car doors locked, be watchful in parking lots and garages, and try to park in well-lighted spots near entrances.
  • Sit near the driver or the exit when riding on a bus or train.
  • If a person or situation makes you nervous get away, change train cars.
  • Stay away from con artists. Direct them to MARTA personnel if they need help.

When in need of Assistance

  • Look for a uniformed MARTA employee (All employees have ID’s).
  • Report incidents or suspicious activity immediately. (See Something, Say Something)
  • Look for the white and blue phones located throughout the stations. All calls go directly to MARTA Police Communications.
  • Use the intercom buttons on the trains to report incidents. Tell the driver the car number. Go to another car if you feel threatened.
  • Program MARTA emergency numbers in your cell phones
  • You may also contact MARTA Police by dialing #MPD on your cellular telephones with providers of AT&T, Sprint/Nextel or Verizon. If you are using a Blackberry, users dial #673.

Health Issues

  • If you have a medical condition, keep information on you at all times.
  • Always carry emergency contact information such as your Doctor’s office and family members.
  • Carry hand sanitizer and wash hands frequently.


  • MARTA installed AutomatedElectronicDefibrillators throughout the stations. They are also in all Police, Bus and Mobility (Para Transit) Supervisors vehicles.



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