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Frequently Asked Questions

Effective January 11, 2016


How do I qualify for a Reduced Fare Breeze Card?

  • If you are 65 years or older, a person with a disability, or a Medicare cardholder, you qualify for the Reduced Fare Breeze Card,
  • You must present the appropriate documentation, certifying your eligibility: such as but not limited to; birth certificate (showing proof of age), current written documentation from a licensed health service provider, or your Medicare card (red, white and blue card).
  • In addition to the above, you must provide a valid photo ID as proof of your identity.

Where can I apply for a Reduced Fare Breeze card?

  • You must apply in person at either of the Reduced Fare Eligibility office locations and provide the appropriate documentation

Five Points Rail Station

(Forsyth Street side of station)

30 Alabama Street, SW

Atlanta, GA 30303

MARTA Headquarters Building

(Across from the Lindbergh Station)

2424 Piedmont Road NE

Atlanta, GA 30324


Where can I obtain a Reduced Fare application?

  • In addition to applying in person, you can download the Reduced Fare application form, along with instructions from; complete the customer section and have your healthcare service provider to complete their section, and bring in to the Reduced Fare office.

Note: In most instances, the Reduced Fare staff will be able to verify your information during your initial visit. However, if this is not possible (missing information, unauthorized signature, etc.), it may take up to 5 business days for your documentation to be confirmed.

What are the hours of operation for the Reduced Fare offices?

  •  Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM,

What is the fee to get a Reduced Fare Breeze card?

  • The initial card is issued free
  • A $2 fee will be charged for the 1st replacement of a lost or stolen card for the calendar year
  • A $5 fee will be charged for the 2nd and each subsequent replacement card

Is there a Reduced Fare monthly pass?

  • The 30-Day (often referred to as Monthly), 7-Day (Weekly), or other passes are not available on the Reduced Fare Breeze card.    Only One-way, round trips, multiples of 10 and 20 trips, or stored value (cash) can be loaded onto the Reduced Fare Breeze card at the cost of $1.00 per trip.

Does MARTA offer a free card for senior citizens and individuals with disabilities?

  • MARTA does not offer free Breeze cards. You can visit MARTA’s website,, to view the various ‘Fare and Discount’ programs to determine if you may qualify for participation in either.

Can I load money to my Breeze card on the bus?

Yes. The bus fare box only accepts cash and does not provide change.

Do you have a reduced fare rate for students, homeless or low income persons?

  • MARTA does not offer a direct reduced fare rate to students, homeless or low-income individuals.
  • However, students in kindergarten through grade 12 (who do not otherwise meet the above criteria for MARTA’s Reduced Fare program), may contact their school administrative office to see if the school participates in MARTA’s K-12 program.
  • University, college and technical school students should contact their school’s administrative or Student Affairs office to see if their school participates in MARTA’s U-Pass program.
  • Homeless and low-income individuals should contact the Georgia Law Center (404-681-0680) to determine their eligibility and to be connected with a qualifying agency.

When does my Reduced Fare Breeze card expire?

  • If you were issued a temporary card, your eligibility to participate in the Reduced Fare program will expire on December 31st of the current year. If you were issued a permanent card, your eligibility expires three (3) years from the date of issue.

Note: You can check the expiration date of your card at a Breeze Vending Machine, or make note of the card’s expiration date, which appears each time you tap your card at the rail station faregate, at the bus fare box and at the Breeze Vending Machine

Will I need to re-certify or re-apply for the Reduced Fare program at the end of the three (3) year eligibility period?

  • Yes. Prior to the end of your eligibility period, you must provide the appropriate documentation (as previously outlined) to indicate that you are still eligible to participate in the Reduced Fare program.

How do I load my Reduced Fare Card at the Breeze Vending Machine?

  • At the Main screen, press the letter “A” to select “MARTA” products, then
  • Press “B” to “Reload a Breeze Card”, then
  • Tap your Reduced Fare Breeze Card on the ‘Blue circle’, then
  • Follow the prompts.

Are the Breeze Vending Machines at all the rail stations?

  • Yes. The Breeze Vending Machines are locate near each set of faregates.

How do I use the Reduced Fare Breeze card?

  • Your Reduced Fare Breeze card is to be used each time you board a bus or enter the faregates in a rail station
  • To pay your fare, simply tap your card on the ‘blue circle’ located at the bus fare box or at the fare gate in the rail station.
  • Your Reduced Fare Breeze card must be shown to the Bus Operator, Rail Station Agent, or other designated MARTA employees upon each use of the Breeze card,
  • Additionally, if your Reduced Fare Breeze card is used by anyone other than you, (the customer to whom the card was originally issued), it will be confiscated and you will be required to wait a minimum of 30 days before receiving a replacement card.

Can I register and load my card online?

  • Yes, you can register you Reduced Fare Breeze card and load online at You can also call the Customer Service Center at 404-848-5000 and follow the automated prompts to ‘Breeze Card Registration.’

Can I use my card on Cobb County, GRTA or Gwinnett County Buses?

  • Cobb County has a reduced fare program. For more information or to apply call (770) 427-4444.
  • Gwinnett County has a reduced fare program. For more information or to apply call (770) 822-5010.
  • There are no reduced rates for GRTA.
  • If you choose to use your MARTA Reduced Fare Breeze card for travel on Cobb, Gwinnett or GRTA, you must have stored value (cash) loaded to your card and please note that you will be charged the full fare rate if you have not been issued a reduced fare card from the participating county.

Do I receive a free transfer from MARTA to Cobb County or Gwinnett County transit?

  • Yes. When you use your Breeze card, you receive a free transfer from MARTA bus and rail system to Cobb County and Gwinnett County transit systems.

I have additional questions, who do I contact?

  • You may call the Reduced Fare Program Eligibility office at 404-848-5112, for additional information, during the regular hours of operation, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM.




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