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About Marta

MARTA has been serving the metro area for 35 years. This section gives you access to all things MARTA, from history and leadership to programs and departments.  Find out more about your MARTA.

In this Section:


 MARTA's Past & Future  
MARTA continues to play a major role in the growth and
development of the city of Atlanta.


We seek the most knowledgeable, creative and customer-oriented individuals to strengthen our workforce .


 MARTA Leadership  
Learn more about MARTA's Board of Directors, Board Meeting Schedule and Meeting Minutes, Executive Management Team and more.


 MARTA Police 
Officers provide a variety of law enforcement
and public safety services on MARTA.


 MARTA in Your Community 
Serving the community not only through transportation, but also
through community and charitable efforts.


MARTA's commitment to equal opportunity with services and programs
accessible to every resident in our service area and the Atlanta region.


 Planning & Projects 
MARTA plans long range for MARTA's future in the region. 


 Vendor Opportunities 
We depend on our vendors to give us on demand expertise, high value with
competitive bidding and strict guidelines.  Check opportunities here!.


Public reports on Annual, Financial and MARTOC


 Advertising on MARTA 
Engage your target demographics on our buses and trains, in rail stations- used by hundreds of thousands of people everyday.


 MARTA Partners 
We work with a variety of companies, organizations, venues,
events, regional transit, and sports and entertainment groups.


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