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Ashley Knight
Brent Star
Anoush Pisani

"MARTA is very important because gas is so expensive, it costs so much to commute to work, so it’s important to be able to use public transportation."

"MARTA is important to me because with today’s economy, it’s the most reliable transportation we have."

"I do not have a vehicle in the State of Georgia, and it’s my only way of transportation."

William Herbig
Tila Clark
Dan Walsh

"It gets me to where I need to go without a car."

"I think MARTA is important because the little guy needs a way to get around. We have to have transportation so that we can get our children to daycare, and so that we can get to church on Sunday, and so that we can get home from work."

"I think MARTA is important because it is necessary to improve air quality in Metro Atlanta and the surrounding communities, and it also helps the city’s infrastructure by reducing the amount of traffic."

Art Perry
Edith Billings
Billy Russ

"I believe that MARTA is important because public transportation is an essential component to an efficient transportation system."

"MARTA is very convenient for me everyday, that’s why it’s important…and because I don’t know how to drive."

"I think MARTA is important because it’s a major transit system in Atlanta, Georgia for those who don’t have cars – and right about now with gas prices so high – this is the major transportation and it’s cheapest!"

Paul Wise
Artisha Anderson

"MARTA is important because it cuts down on car traffic, pollution, and all that bad stuff."

"I think MARTA is important because it provides transportation for people who don’t have private transportation and it also provides opportunity for people to cut down on air pollution."

"I think MARTA is important because everyone is not fortunate enough to have a car. Basically, MARTA is what they depend on to get back and forth to work. This is how people actually live so that’s the best reason I could give you."

Cliff McClong
Brighet Sharda Beavers

"I think MARTA’s important because with today’s gas prices, a lot of people can’t afford to pay gas like me every other day when I drive back and forth to work….and MARTA is a quick  and easy way to get to wherever you have to go whether it be for business or pleasure. MARTA’s quick and easy and helps with today’s gas prices."

"I think MARTA is important because young people and young adults and young teens need support system….and they need rides to school if they don’t have transportation as far as a car."

"I think MARTA is important because it saves time and gas money for me. "

Wille Foster
Kathy White
Kimberly Sanders

"MARTA gets people to their destinations on time, and you can always depend on MARTA."

"I think MARTA is important because it provides an efficient way of traveling for society in Atlanta, especially in these economic trying times."

"I think MARTA is important because it provides an efficient way of traveling for society in Atlanta, especially in these economic trying times."

Martha Brook
Susan Harris
Johanna Stark

transportation, carbon emissions, greenhouse gases, all that stuff…"

"MARTA is important because so many people have to ride MARTA to get to their jobs and it’s much more convenient to just take MARTA. I’ve been riding with you guys for a long time and I can see the increase of people that can’t afford the gas now."

"I think MARTA is important because it has good connectivity to the airport."
  Trina Brawner   Amy Feuss
Brenda Gardner
"I think MARTA is really important because it gets people where they need to go. A lot of times the gas situation is very high so a lot of people now are just taking MARTA. MARTA takes us where we need to go. Yes it is important..Yes they need to SAVE MARTA!"
"I think it’s important to get more people off the roads so we don’t use as much gas and pollute the air, and so the traffic isn’t so horrible in Atlanta."
"It is important because it gets me out of traffic and it’s a means for me to get to work and I can relax going; so transportation is why it’s important."
  Brenda Wilson   Ernest Tatum Jr.
Gerald Whaley
"I think MARTA is important because it helps us to save on gas. It’s better for the environment and it saves me money every month. I’ve been riding the train for a little over a year."
"The reason why I think MARTA is important is because MARTA is the transportation system people depend on. We really need to focus on this system right now. MARTA is a good system for people to travel back and forth to get where they got to go. I’m trying to give the best support for MARTA. I think it’s a good system and everything like that…so I’m just here to tell you, MARTA, you need to stick around."
"I think MARTA is important because, of course, everyone knows about the gas. MARTA is very convenient and you know…just trying to keep hope alive."
  Shikha Nigam   Yvette Sears
Dr. Michael Meyer
"I think MARTA is important because it allows options to travel. You don’t have to drive everyday, it’s less expensive, plus the fact that it helps our environment. Don’t forget the number of cars it’s cutting down from traffic; travel time decreases for the other people who don’t have the option to take MARTA because of limited accessibility, so it’s cutting down on traffic for them as well."
"I’m originally from Indiana, so we don’t have this kind of transportation in the city where I’m from, which is a little southern city. We just have bus transportation that ends basically at six o’clock in the evening so anywhere you need to go, you need to have a vehicle. MARTA is great because you have a rail system, several buses to go into the county, and you have several buses that extend all over the city – which is good!"
"The reason I think MARTA is important is it provides mobility for hundreds of thousands of people on a yearly basis and over the last 30 years or so, millions and millions of people have used MARTA to get to jobs, to get to stores, to get home, to get to church, etc. so it really is a system that is critical for the mobility of the Atlanta region."
  Jessica Blinkhorn   Joclyn Monson
Juan Turner
"I am a disabled, female artist living in Atlanta and working for Georgia State. I depend on MARTA to get me around from location to location to better promote my artwork and to allow me to have the independence of any person walking around on two legs."
"I think MARTA is important because it gives me a way to get to work and anywhere else I need to go in the city."
"I think MARTA is important because there are a lot of people in corporate America who rely on public transportation if they live too far away from their jobs or just simply want to cut back on expensive gas prices. It’s important that MARTA’s services are adequate or of a certain standard to where it is beneficial for consumers to actually use it."
  Margaret Doblin
Marilyn Hardney
Nicole Dupre
"The reason I think MARTA is important is it’s fast and it’s basically pretty efficient as far as getting downtown and getting around the city. But as you get older, you don’t know what’s going to happen, things could happen to where you can’t get around. You’re not going to be able to drive anymore, so as a result, what happens is you still have public transportation. You’ll still have MARTA!"
"MARTA is important because I think public transportation is necessary for people to get around and commute back and forth. Myself, I have to go to the doctor and it’s a good thing there is public transportation. We really need it and I support whatever they decide to do to improve MARTA."
"I think MARTA is very important so that people who don’t have access to a car of their own can get around in the city of Atlanta and enjoy it."
  Pat Anderson   Shalini Pothuru
Robert Sheppard
"MARTA’s important because it reduces the need for parking in Atlanta and downtown Atlanta, and it reduces traffic on the roads."
"I think MARTA is important because as students we don’t have any cars, so if we want to travel to the mall or an international market, this is one easy way to commute. That’s the basic reason we like MARTA."
"MARTA is important to get around!"
  Sara Seabrooks  Suse Folk
Taiesha Hamica
"I think MARTA is important for great transportation because we are a big, major city and we need transportation to go to and from different destinations, as well as, for the conventions we have within the city."
"I think MARTA is important because it’s an easy way to travel through Atlanta…that’s my reason."
"MARTA provides transportation for all walks of life."
  Tonya Abernathy
Tiffany Klang
Robert Weiss
"I think MARTA is important because it gets me back and forth to work daily and my son to daycare so I can make a living."
"I think MARTA is important because, well first of all, I think it’s great there is public transportation for anybody who doesn’t have a way to get around otherwise; and second of all, it’s a great earth-friendly way to save those gas bucks and do something good for the environment."
"So I can get to work, that’s why MARTA’s important. Also, for other people to get to their destinations when they don’t want to use a car."
  Margarette Dye
Ed Norman
Ratnakar Pakerla
"MARTA is important because the City of Atlanta’s size needs a good transportation system."
"It’s important because I don’t have a car. I sold my car."
" My work location and my residence are both near to MARTA. MARTA helps me reach anywhere, anyplace in Atlanta. It’s really helpful."
Christine Levinge
Dequonta Martin
Richard Price
"I think MARTA is important because it saves me a lot of money on my gas."
"I think MARTA is important because it makes the way when there’s no way."
"MARTA is important because it helps with the fuel crisis and saves the environment from ozone pollution and carbon dioxide emissions."
  Angie Laurie   Sally Haggard
Lynn Lopes
"MARTA is great for downtown business. MARTA efficiently connects workers, residents, students and visitors to downtown and to other areas in Atlanta. Access and transportation choices, largely due to MARTA’s presence, are important reasons for downtown’s continued growth."
"MARTA is a key partner in our goal of giving downtown commuters transportation options in an environmentally friendly way."
"MARTA allows me to get approximately 8,500 downtown employees out of their cars and onto MARTA each month through the discounted Transit Pass Program."
Shandrell Dugger
Bob Kirby
 Amanda Baity
" It’s convenient and saves gas money."
"I think MARTA is important because it moves us rapidly from point to point through the city..and comfortably."
"MARTA is important because it’s cheaper than gas."
Brenda Norris
Cheryle Dedios
Bennett Boyer
"MARTA is important because I don’t have a car right now."
"Why is MARTA important? That’s like asking why computers are important, or the worldwide web. Communities, individuals and businesses cannot continue to operate as status quo and remain prosperous. This applies to the way we commute and the way we think about mobility. MARTA is cutting edge. Driving alone in your car is status quo."
" I think MARTA is important because we’re some travelers from Pensacola. We got stranded trying to use buddy passes to visit family in Denver; so we’re going to see the Aquarium which would be impossible or at least not cost effective if it weren’t for MARTA, which is a great economical way to see the city."
  Judith Blooth
Abdifatah Saney
Courtney Mitchell
"I think MARTA is important because I think it’s important for any city to have accessible transportation for its citizens. Not everyone has a car or wants to have a car, and I think MARTA is a way we can all do our part to conserve the consumption of gas and everything else. That’s why I ride MARTA."

"MARTA is important. I used to drive to work everyday. I live close to the Kensington Station in Decatur, and work in Alpharetta/Roswell…but as the gas prices went up, I parked my car and now I take the train. It’s easy for me."


"I think MARTA is important because it provides public transportation for those who may not have a car. Also, with gas prices the way they are, it definitely helps to cut on the cost of gas and is convenient as far as avoiding traffic here in Atlanta."
Catrice Cooper
Michael Hollis
"MARTA is important because it gets me to where I need to go without having to deal with road rage."
"I think MARTA is important because it helps me save gas, helps me to not have to try and find parking, and it’s an all around good thing."
"We stay near North Springs Station and visit Midtown using MARTA. Because of MARTA, we can commute everyday without a car. MARTA allows us to access a lot."
  Renee Walston  Luba Kassurova
Stephanie Ellis
"MARTA is important because we’re here traveling and I don’t need a car or car seats."
"MARTA is important because there is less carbon dioxide released in the air and we get to help the planet be healthy by being green and not using cars everyday."
"I think MARTA is important because we need to work on conserving the gas that we use and we need to work on improving public transportation in general. We need less environmental problems."
  Robert Epps   Kevin Mann
Jessica Jackson
"I believe MARTA is important right now because gas prices are going up."
"I think MARTA is important because it positively impacts the environment and I think it decreases our energy needs."
"I think MARTA is important because it helps to decrease suburban sprawl and increase density. It also gives us more transportation options to allow more people to function around the city."
  Adrienne Ollerenshaw  Julie Gordon
Linda Ashby
"I think we need to have other options other than driving in single occupancy cars to get around Atlanta."
"I think MARTA is important because it can help the traffic situation in Atlanta definitely if more people take MARTA. It will also help the environment reducing emissions if more people take MARTA and if you don’t want to be stuck in traffic…it’s good."
"I think MARTA is important to get me back and forth to work and where I need to go everyday."

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