logo This intermediate-level course will clarify the way Project manages resources, people, tasks and time, and will help lead your project towards successful completion. This course is designed to elevate the skills of the novice project planner using Microsoft’s popular management software.
Course Title Microsoft Project - Intermediate
Course Goal The MS Project Intermediate/Advance Workshop is a 2-day intensive practical course designed to provide students with the ability to use MS Project productively when managing and controlling their projects. The course begins from first principles and proceeds to a point where students can construct their own work plans, update the plans as the project proceeds and tailor the application to produce required views and reports.
Course Description On completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • Use Windows Explorer within Project to help manage their files.
  • Use the various ways to mark tasks complete and update project status.
  • Schedule resources, edit resource characteristics, and view resource allotment and usage.
  • Assign and replace resources, work with the Team Planner to keep track of who’s doing what, detect and eliminate resource conflicts, and learn the art of resource leveling.
  • Set and adjust project baselines, work with interim plans, and manage the critical path.
  • View, update and manage multiple projects.
Course Prerequisites Microsoft Project - Foundation (or current knowledge and use of application)
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