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todTransit Oriented Development (TOD)

The Office of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) & Real Estate is responsible for all transit oriented development and real estate activities. These responsibilities are divided among two branches: the Joint Development Group and the Real Estate Group.

-The Joint Development Group is responsible for all activities related to the Authority’s transit oriented development (TOD) program. This includes overseeing development of live-work-play projects on surplus MARTA lands around the stations, and working with private parties to facilitate TODs on non-MARTA owned lands in the immediate vicinity (generally ¼ to ½ mile) of MARTA’s rail stations. In addition, this branch is working to improve the transit customer experience by upgrading facilities with planned amenities such as new retail concessions allowing riders to purchase food and beverages and other goods and services at the stations.

-The Real Estate Group is responsible for providing Real Estate services for the acquisition and disposition of real estate no longer needed for transit operations, support activities such as the relocation of affected families, businesses and utilities, assisting in the planning and implementation of transit oriented joint development projects, and the management and administration of the Authority’s joint development and other leases.


Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

The Joint Development group is responsible for all activities related to the Authority’s transit oriented development (TOD) program.

 TOD is development that is physically connected or functionally related to a transit facility.  TOD’s generally include a mix of uses;  multi-family, retail, office and/or hotel components, designed to generate significant transit ridership and reduce the need for a car.  When built on MARTA owned property such projects can, in addition to generating ridership, provide a continuing stream of income to MARTA.

 Goals for the TOD program include increasing ridership, generating new revenues for MARTA, acting as a catalyst for new development near transit, and providing new services and amenities for MARTA customers.


Real Estate

The Real Estate group is responsible for the acquisition of properties and right-of-way required for the construction, operation and maintenance of the transit system.  As part of the acquisition process, administering relocation assistance to individuals, business and non-profit organizations is often times necessary and as such, this office oversees this process.

 Additionally, this group is responsible for maintaining property ownership records for the Authority as well as the management and ongoing administration of joint development contracts and leases including parking, telecom, billboard and sign leases. This function includes collection of income from agreements, invoicing, billing, property inspections and property management.

Click here to download a draft of MARTA's TOD Guidelines.

Click here to download Policies for Implementing MARTA’s TOD Guidelines.


John T. Crocker, Ph.D.
 Development and Regional Coordination


Jason Ward
Manager, Joint Development 

Connie E. Johnson, JD, MBA
Senior Development Associate

Gregory Floyd
Senior Land Use Planner


John H. Remillard
 Real Estate

Will Stinson
Lease Management Specialist

Willie Walker
 Right-of-Way Specialist

Marko D. Anderson
Planning Data Analyst

Transit Oriented Development

A Vision for the Future -

Planning and visioning for Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in the Atlanta Region

One of MARTA’s strategic goals is to promote transit-oriented joint development. Joint Development is a subset of TOD, technically defined as TOD built on property in which the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has an interest, but can include any land owned by transit systems around their rail stations. The FTA encourages transit systems, such as MARTA, to undertake joint development projects to support system operations and promote economic development in surrounding communities.

Development of high quality, that is compact, viable, & sustainable, and within an easy walk - 1/4 to 1/2 mile - of a transit station.  TOD is generally comprised of a compatible mix of residential, retail, and office uses, and may include other uses – such as hotels or recreation facilities.  Such development should be well-suited to and compatible withits’ surrounding neighborhood. Mixed use encourages pedestrian friendly street design with safe routes for pedestrians and bicyclists, and with convenient and safe access to transit facilities.

Benefits of TOD & Joint Development Include… 

  • Improved air quality
  • Reduced vehicle use and subsequent traffic congestion
  • Increased property values, tax base and new economic opportunities
  • Increased access to housing, employment and retail opportunities for substantial segments of the population

Notable Transit Oriented Development Projects

Lindbergh City Center at Lindbergh Station, Resurgens Plaza at Lenox Station, and St. Joseph’s Doctor’s Building 4  at Medical Center Station are examples of successful Atlanta area TODs.

Planned Transit Oriented Development Projects

New transit oriented development projects are anticipated over the next few years at the Avondale and Brookhaven stations. 

TOD Information Resources:

Below you will find various web sites that provide information on TOD. Many have examples and case studies of successful TOD implementations.




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