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Combined Ridership (unlinked trips)

Definition: Unlinked trips are the total numbers of passenger boardings on our bus, rail, and Mobility services.  Passengers are counted each time they board a MARTA vehicle. For example, a person’s journey from the Airport station to the final destination may require two unlinked trips - taking a train to a station and then transferring to a bus to complete the one-way travel. The unlinked trip definition of ridership is mandated by governmental and industry-wide data collection authorities for comparison among transit agencies.  The data are reported monthly and annually in terms of total unlinked trips and average trips by day type (weekday, Saturday, and Sunday).

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Performance (May 2014 and Fiscal year-to-date):

Combined Ridership for the month of May was 11.3 million unlinked passenger boardings, exceeding the forecast of 11.0 million by 0.3 million, or 2.7%. The 2014 Fiscal Year-to-Date (months of July through May) Combined Ridership of 118.2 million unlinked trips is falling short of the forecasted 119.6 million by 1.4 million, or 1.2%.


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