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Single Tracking Information   

Saturday August 19 & Sunday August 20, 2017

Saturday August 19 and Sunday August 20, 2017,  Red/Gold Line trains will operate on a weekend single tracking schedule.  (Doraville) Gold Line trains  will continue to the Airport every twenty (20) minutes throughout the day. (North Springs) Red Line trains  will shuttle from Lindbergh to North Springs.

Red Line customers traveling from the Airport must board the Gold Line train and transfer at Lindbergh Center Station to the Red Line for North Springs service. Customers traveling the Red Line train will need to transfer to a Gold Line train at Lindbergh Center Station in order to continue southbound to the Airport. 

  • At Lakewood and Oakland City Stations, all trains will board on the northbound platforms. (Saturday/Sunday)    

Saturday August 19 and Sunday August 20, 2017,  Blue/Green Line trains will operate on a (20 minute) weekend Single tracking schedule.  Bankhead trains will turn at Vine City Station. 

  • At Omni, Five Points, GA State, and King Memorial Stations, all trains will board on the eastbound platforms. (Saturday/Sunday) 

MARTA has parallel tracks all along its Red, Gold, Blue and Green lines – allowing for one train to run in each direction during normal operations. As individual sections of track are being repaired, trains must share a single track through the affected area. This “single tracking” can result in delays in rail service. We are doing our best to disrupt MARTA customers as little as possible during this process; however, some work during regular service hours cannot be avoided. The majority of the work is being done late at night and during weekends.

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