Key Performance Indicators

Bus Mean Distance Between Failures

Definition: An industry standard that measures the mechanical reliability of the fleet. It measures the average bus miles between National Transit Database (NTD) reportable mechanical failures i.e., incidents precluding a revenue vehicle from completing its trip, or starting its next scheduled trip. Currently, all mechanical breakdowns are counted as failures, thus exceeding the number of failures reported to NTD. 

Performance (September 2016 and Fiscal year-to-date):

In September, did not meet the Target; the actual being 3,280 miles. The number of overall breakdowns decreased from 751 in August to 750 in September. The number of engine system failures increased by 3%, that of HVAC increased by 25%, that of cooling system decreased by 26% and that of brake system decreased by 11%.


  1. Conduct troubleshooting refresher training at all garages
  2. Replace coolant sensors and defroster valves for selected bus models