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VOL. XXXX, No. 4, April 2013

LIFTING THE LIMITS:  Inspiring Your Workforce


p, up, and away...Both the underdog and the superhero are workplace extremes.  Managers are faced not only with balancing efforts to push the one and to mentor the other, but also they are tasked with inspiring the majority in the middle.  For many, meting out discipline while inciting loyalty is a daunting job.  With no precise formula in hand for controlling reins while implanting wings, often leaders struggle with the two.  However, stellar companies have proven that there is an art to doing so.  And even the smallest businesses can craft a plan to give their workforce a lift—affordably.   

 Branding a company as committed to high morale doesn’t require lofty notions or complex initiatives.  Incorporating and sticking with a simple supportive protocol is the essence of inspirational success.  Organizations that make motivational strategies core ingredients of company policy commonly include the following elements:   

 Laying a foundation of support and trust

Infusing the atmosphere with enthusiasm

Finding inventive means for “getting the job done”

Touting accomplishments

 Two of the greatest deterrents to both terminations and resignations are managerial support and trust.  The perception that bosses care about and provide for their team members carries tremendous goodwill capital.  When workers see their leaders supplying the intangibles that promote staff satisfaction, as well as the physical tools necessary for job performance, they tend to be more productive.  Employee-friendly provisions, from flexible work arrangements to mentoring, reflect concern for the individual that boosts dependability and output.

 Generally, hand in hand with this type of backing is trust.  Very little spurs work group inspiration like having faith that principals are solidly with their team.  And being fully entrusted with key responsibilities signals this kind of care.  Enveloping personnel with confidence speaks volumes and often translates into a distinctive internal boost.  Particularly during times when downsizing and outsourcing are prevalent, employees value knowing that division heads feel they can rely on them.  In return, they tend to display extraordinary organizational belief.

 Affirmative bosses understand that lackluster environments can drain the spirits of even top employees. Thus, they infuse the workplace with enthusiasm.  For them, expressing appreciation often involves a range of  approaches.  From posting motivational signage and giving shift-start pep talks to holding special lunches, they stretch beyond the ordinary to encourage excellence.     

 In Personality and the Fate of Organizations (2006), psychologist Robert Hogan reports that 75 percent of the workforce feel their bosses are the most stressful part of their jobs.  Certainly, those executives operating outside of this sphere know how this statistic can impact enterprises large and small.  Therefore, they strive to create a stimulating ambience from office to factory, consistently exhibiting the traits that endear them to their staffs.  Sales expert Jeb Blount underscores in People Follow You:  The Real Secret to What Matters Most in Leadership (2012) that humility, savvy, authenticity, and keen interpersonal skills are central to inspirational leadership.  Managers who ensure that these anchor their interactions with those whom they oversee set the stage for enthusiasm to kindle greater outcomes.        

 While the status quo can get the job done, introducing inventive means to handle assignments can breathe fresh air into an organization.  Doing things differently doesn’t necessarily mean doing them more expensively.  Nor does it suggest sacrificing quality.  Performance improvement experts have found that often the best ideas for changing production methods and operational procedures reside in the hearts and minds of the individuals using them each day.  So, apart from keeping up with technological advances and bringing in consultants, tap into homegrown ingenuity.  Periodically, hold brainstorming sessions within departments, followed by whole-team “crowd-sourcing” meetings.  The mere fact that employee input is honored can ignite renewed commitment.           

 Likewise, research shows that maintaining a recognition program incentivizes employees unlike any other perk.

Even more than monetary bonuses alone, publicly acknowledging outstanding contributions generates dividends well beyond each recipient’s excitement.  As a component of a system aimed at lifting the limits on drive company-wide, officially touting accomplishments makes good business sense.  It feeds the need to be appreciated and satisfies the desire to be celebrated.  Presenting tokens, such as certificates, plaques, special training opportunities and gift vouchers, inspires awardees and onlookers alike. 

Some companies even “globalize” their incentives platform by empowering everyone in the organization to recognize in-house greatness.  “Employee Incentives Help Boost Morale, Retain Staff” (PRWeek - 7/28/08) spotlights PR leader Makovsky & Company’s “We Achieve” peer recognition program that invites employees to hand out cards to one another, acknowledging staff members who are working toward the firm’s core values.  The upshot is that bimonthly both card-givers and recipients get rewarded. 

 Irrespective of industry, small business owners who travel an employee-centric road can improve cohesiveness and heighten productivity by wholly embracing inspiration.    


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April 24, 2013 at 2:00 p.m.


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April 24, 2013 at 3:00 p.m.


Coating Rehab CS115 and CS310 Aerial Structures



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May 8, 2013 at 2:00 p.m.


Vending Services for MARTA Headquarters Building & Satellite Facilities



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April 23, 2013 at 10 a.m.


Lease of Parcel B3077 Cell Tower Rights



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The Construction Business Management Institute (CBMI) Spring, 2013 session begins Tuesday, March 19, 2013 through Tuesday, April 30, 2013.  Courses will be held at the Atlanta Metropolitan College; Academic Building, Room A210; 1630 Metropolitan Parkway; Atlanta, GA  30310.   For more information, please contact the Greater Atlanta Economic Alliance at 404.827.9677.

MARTA’s Office of Diversity & Equal Opportunity invites small business owners to visit our Business Resource Center.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call Ms. Darlene Williams at (404) 848-4656.

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