Oakland City Station
 Image - Evelyn Mitchell
 Evelyn Mitchell
 'A Stylized Cityscape'
  Media: Mosaic Tile
  Year: 1984
  Conservation Status: In Good Repair
  Notes: The textured walls of the Oakland City station and the surrounding houses and apartments were the visual inspiration for these wall sculptures. The artist wanted the work to have a warm, informal feeling and chose soft earth tones with sky blue to achieve this.
 Oakland City Station
 Image - Fahamu Pecou_1
 Fahamu Pecou
 'I Am Because We Are'
  Media: Original painting scanned and printed to sintra, installed on columns and support beams in 8 panels.
  Year: 2016
  Conservation Status: In Good Repair
  Notes: One of four murals in the En Route program, this was the second mural in the series

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