Route 195
Forest Parkway

This route operates East/West from College Park station to S. Park Blvd. along Roosevelt Hwy., Old National Hwy., Godby Rd., Southampton Rd., Phoenix Blvd., Forest Pkwy., Bouldercrest Rd., Anvil Block Rd. and S. Park Blvd. in Clayton County.

Intersecting Rail Stations:

Route Schedules

Weekday Schedule
College Pk Station (South Loop)Old Natl Hwy & Godby RdForest Pkwy & Lake DrGA 42 & Forest PkwyAnvil Block Rd & Lunsford Dr
05:30 am05:39 am05:58 am06:07 am06:15 am
06:30 am06:41 am07:04 am07:13 am07:21 am
07:30 am07:41 am08:04 am08:13 am08:21 am
08:30 am08:41 am09:04 am09:13 am09:20 am
09:30 am09:41 am10:03 am10:12 am10:19 am
10:30 am10:41 am11:03 am11:12 am11:19 am
11:30 am11:41 am12:03 pm12:12 pm12:19 pm
12:30 pm12:41 pm01:03 pm01:12 pm01:19 pm
01:30 pm01:41 pm02:03 pm02:12 pm02:19 pm
02:30 pm02:41 pm03:03 pm03:14 pm03:22 pm
03:30 pm03:44 pm04:07 pm04:18 pm04:26 pm
04:30 pm04:44 pm05:07 pm05:18 pm05:26 pm
05:30 pm05:44 pm06:07 pm06:18 pm06:26 pm
06:30 pm06:44 pm07:07 pm07:16 pm07:23 pm
07:30 pm07:40 pm07:59 pm08:08 pm08:15 pm
08:30 pm08:40 pm08:59 pm09:08 pm09:15 pm
09:30 pm09:40 pm09:59 pm10:08 pm10:15 pm
10:30 pm10:40 pm10:59 pm11:08 pm11:15 pm
11:30 pm11:40 pm11:59 pm12:08 am12:15 am
12:30 am12:40 am12:59 am01:08 am01:15 am
Anvil Block Rd & Lunsford DrGA 42 & Forest PkwyForest Pkwy & Lake DrOld Natl Hwy & Godby RdCollege Pk Station (South Loop)
05:27 am05:34 am05:42 am06:04 am06:15 am
06:24 am06:32 am06:42 am07:04 am07:15 am
07:24 am07:32 am07:42 am08:04 am08:15 am
08:24 am08:32 am08:42 am09:04 am09:15 am
09:26 am09:33 am09:42 am10:04 am10:15 am
10:26 am10:33 am10:42 am11:04 am11:15 am
11:26 am11:33 am11:42 am12:04 pm12:15 pm
12:26 pm12:33 pm12:42 pm01:04 pm01:15 pm
01:26 pm01:33 pm01:42 pm02:04 pm02:15 pm
02:25 pm02:32 pm02:41 pm03:04 pm03:15 pm
03:24 pm03:32 pm03:41 pm04:04 pm04:15 pm
04:29 pm04:37 pm04:46 pm05:09 pm05:20 pm
05:29 pm05:37 pm05:46 pm06:09 pm06:20 pm
06:29 pm06:37 pm06:46 pm07:05 pm07:15 pm
07:31 pm07:38 pm07:46 pm08:05 pm08:15 pm
08:31 pm08:38 pm08:46 pm09:05 pm09:15 pm
09:31 pm09:38 pm09:46 pm10:05 pm10:15 pm
10:31 pm10:38 pm10:46 pm11:05 pm11:15 pm
11:31 pm11:38 pm11:46 pm12:05 am12:15 am
12:31 am12:38 am12:46 am01:05 am01:15 am