Breeze Cards
& Tickets

Place Group Orders

You have two options for placing a group order depending on how many Breeze Cards you plan to order at once. Be aware that every card you purchase as part of the group order must come loaded with the same type of fare. You'll need to purchase a second order if you want to preload a different type of fare.

Orders of 14 Cards or Fewer
For orders totaling fewer than 14 cards, you'll need to visit one of our RideStores or visit our online store.

Orders of 15 Cards or More
For orders of 15 cards or more, visit our online store and follow the prompts once you've registered and signed in. Just as with any other online order, you'll have the chance to pick the type of fare you want to preload on the cards and the number of cards you want to order. Online orders max out at 500 cards.

Want to know more about group orders and discounts?
Visit our Group Discount page and check out the different discounts available when you place a group order.