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MARTA Market Kick-Off 2024

(Hours of Operation: 2pm to 4pm)
mm 2024

Market Open date End Date
HE Holmes Feb. 14 April 24
College Park Feb. 15 April 25
Kensington Feb. 15 April 25
Doraville Feb. 16 April 26
Five Points Feb. 16 April 26

The goal of the MARTA Markets is simple: Help get healthy, fresh food into places where people already are.

The MARTA Market sources locally grown produce from the farmers affiliated with Community Farmers Markets and several local food hubs, allowing local farmers to sell more produce to consumers who might not otherwise make it to a farmer's market. This produce is complemented by non-local produce so that MARTA Market patrons can shop for a large amount of fresh food on their way to or from home.

CFM has partnered  working with Urban Recipe to offer free food pantry deliveries, MARTA Market customers can sign up to receive at MARTA Market locations.

Additionally, Market visitors will be invited to participate in the MARTA Market Test Kitchen by sampling and providing feedback on plant-based recipes.

The markets accept cash, credit, debit, and EBT/SNAP. SNAP is doubled at the market, meaning that $5 swiped is worth $10 to spend.

Due to the limited availability of specific items during the Winter season and with some markets located on the outside of MARTA stations (West End and Bankhead), particular locations identified for the kick-off season are closed during the winter months.

The good news is when fresh produce becomes plentiful in the Spring (May 2024), MARTA Market will be open at all MARTA Market locations: West End, HE Holmes, Bankhead, College Park, Kensington, Five Points, and Doraville. The MARTA Market will provide farm stands right inside our stations. Each stand will operate one day per week, Tuesday to Friday, at a different station each day. Please check for additional information about the regular season over the next few months.


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