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MARTA Police is Hiring!

$1500 Bilingual Pay, $500 Monthly Shift Differential Pay, $500 Monthly Weekend Differential Pay, $1500 Incentive Pay for Intermediate, Advanced, Supervision, and Managerial Certifications!                              
MPD is looking for: 

Police Officers 
Benefits include: Annual pay increases and the ability to top out at over $69,000. Up to $5000 sign-on bonuses for experienced Police applicants, $5000 Annual College Tuition Reimbursement, and coverage of your monthly Georgia Peace Officer Annuity Fund payment!   

All new officers will receive a $3000 bonus upon completion of the Police Academy, Field Training and 3-year employment agreement. POST Certified Police Officers who transfer to MPD will receive a $5000 bonus upon completion of Field Training and 3-year employment agreement. 

Benefits include: Up to $5000 sign-on bonuses for experienced applicants and $1800 Annual College Tuition Reimbursement 

Upon completion of the required Communications training, all new Dispatchers will receive a $3000 bonus. POST Certified Communications Officers will receive a $5000 bonus upon completion of training and 3-year employment agreement.  

Why You Should Join

Joining the MARTA Police Department gives you the opportunity to serve millions of people while building a career in one of our nation's greatest cities. We hire candidates at various points in their careers — meaning a job with MARTA Police is a smart move no matter your experience.

Interested in joining? Call 404-848-4900 to speak to a member of our Background and Recruiting Team.

Ready to join? Submit your application today!

Hiring and Application Process

To apply for a MARTA Police job, head on over to our MARTA careers page and open the jobs portal to view all of our open positions. You'll need to create an account and sign in to use our jobs site. Once signed in, use the provided filters and any keywords you think of to narrow your search down to MARTA Police jobs. From there, click on the opening that you're interested in, and follow the on-page directions.

Need help filling out the application or have any questions about the process? Check out our walkthrough on how to apply for MARTA jobs.

Note: We can only process and consider complete applications. If you submit an incomplete application, it will not be considered for the position.

After you finish applying, your application will be given to the appropriate investigator who will then review the information you submitted. Any information you provide concerning your qualifications is subject to verification. We'll contact you directly if we’re interested in interviewing your for the position.

Your application will remain on file for six months starting from the date of application. If you have any interest in future job openings, visit our careers page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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