Route 295
Metropolitan Campus Express

This limited-stop Weekday only service operates East/West from Oakland City station along Dill Ave., Metropolitan Pkwy., and Casplan St. for direct service to  Atl Technical and Atl Metropolitan State Colleges. 

Intersecting Rail Stations:

Route Schedules

Weekday Schedule
Oakland City StationAtlanta Metro College
S 07:45 am07:55 am
S 08:15 am08:25 am
S 08:45 am08:55 am
S 09:15 am09:25 am
S 09:45 am09:55 am
S 10:15 am10:25 am
S 10:45 am10:55 am
S 11:15 am11:25 am
S 11:45 am11:55 am
S 12:15 pm12:25 pm
S 12:45 pm12:55 pm
S 01:15 pm01:25 pm
S 01:45 pm01:55 pm
S 02:15 pm02:25 pm
S 02:45 pm02:55 pm
S 03:15 pm03:25 pm
S 03:45 pm03:55 pm
S 04:15 pm04:25 pm
S 04:45 pm04:55 pm
S 05:15 pm05:25 pm
S 05:45 pm05:55 pm
Atlanta Metro CollegeOakland City Station
S 07:55 am08:05 am
S 08:25 am08:35 am
S 08:55 am09:05 am
S 09:25 am09:35 am
S 09:55 am10:05 am
S 10:25 am10:35 am
S 10:55 am11:05 am
S 11:25 am11:35 am
S 11:55 am12:05 pm
S 12:25 pm12:35 pm
S 12:55 pm01:05 pm
S 01:25 pm01:35 pm
S 01:55 pm02:05 pm
S 02:25 pm02:35 pm
S 02:55 pm03:05 pm
S 03:25 pm03:35 pm
S 03:55 pm04:05 pm
S 04:25 pm04:35 pm
S 04:55 pm05:05 pm
S 05:25 pm05:35 pm
S 05:55 pm06:05 pm