Route 75
Lawrenceville Highway

Route 75 operates North/South from Avondale Station to Mountain Ind. Blvd. primarily along DeKalb Industrial Way, Lawrenceville Hwy., and N. Royal Atlanta Dr. in the City of Tucker. Direct service to N. DeKalb Mall. Point of Interest: N. DeKalb Mall

Intersecting Rail Stations:

Route Schedules

Weekday Schedule
Mtn Ind Blvd & Tuckerstone PkwyLawrenceville Hwy & Idlewood RdLawrenceville Hwy & Cooledge RdLawrenceville Hwy & McLendon DrNorth DeKalb MallAvondale Station (North Loop)
05:53 am05:59 am06:06 am06:14 am06:22 am06:35 am
06:12 am06:19 am06:26 am06:34 am06:42 am06:55 am
06:32 am06:39 am06:46 am06:54 am07:02 am07:15 am
06:52 am06:59 am07:06 am07:14 am07:22 am07:35 am
07:12 am07:19 am07:26 am07:34 am07:42 am07:55 am
07:32 am07:39 am07:46 am07:54 am08:02 am08:15 am
07:52 am07:59 am08:06 am08:14 am08:22 am08:35 am
08:12 am08:19 am08:26 am08:34 am08:42 am08:55 am
08:35 am08:42 am08:49 am08:57 am09:03 am09:15 am
08:58 am09:04 am09:11 am09:17 am09:23 am09:35 am
09:28 am09:34 am09:41 am09:47 am09:53 am10:05 am
09:58 am10:04 am10:11 am10:17 am10:23 am10:35 am
10:28 am10:34 am10:41 am10:47 am10:53 am11:05 am
10:58 am11:04 am11:11 am11:17 am11:23 am11:35 am
11:28 am11:34 am11:41 am11:47 am11:53 am12:05 pm
11:58 am12:04 pm12:11 pm12:17 pm12:23 pm12:35 pm
12:28 pm12:34 pm12:41 pm12:47 pm12:53 pm01:05 pm
12:58 pm01:04 pm01:11 pm01:17 pm01:23 pm01:35 pm
01:28 pm01:34 pm01:41 pm01:47 pm01:53 pm02:05 pm
01:58 pm02:04 pm02:11 pm02:17 pm02:23 pm02:35 pm
02:27 pm02:33 pm02:40 pm02:46 pm02:52 pm03:05 pm
02:56 pm03:03 pm03:10 pm03:16 pm03:22 pm03:35 pm
03:16 pm03:23 pm03:30 pm03:36 pm03:42 pm03:55 pm
03:36 pm03:43 pm03:50 pm03:56 pm04:02 pm04:15 pm
03:56 pm04:03 pm04:10 pm04:16 pm04:22 pm04:35 pm
04:16 pm04:23 pm04:30 pm04:36 pm04:42 pm04:55 pm
04:36 pm04:43 pm04:50 pm04:56 pm05:02 pm05:15 pm
04:56 pm05:03 pm05:10 pm05:16 pm05:22 pm05:35 pm
05:16 pm05:23 pm05:30 pm05:36 pm05:42 pm05:55 pm
05:36 pm05:43 pm05:50 pm05:56 pm06:02 pm06:15 pm
05:56 pm06:03 pm06:10 pm06:16 pm06:22 pm06:35 pm
06:17 pm06:24 pm06:31 pm06:37 pm06:43 pm06:55 pm
06:37 pm06:44 pm06:51 pm06:57 pm07:03 pm07:15 pm
06:58 pm07:04 pm07:11 pm07:17 pm07:23 pm07:35 pm
07:28 pm07:34 pm07:41 pm07:47 pm07:53 pm08:05 pm
07:58 pm08:04 pm08:11 pm08:17 pm08:23 pm08:35 pm
08:28 pm08:34 pm08:41 pm08:47 pm08:53 pm09:05 pm
08:58 pm09:04 pm09:11 pm09:17 pm09:23 pm09:35 pm
09:28 pm09:34 pm09:41 pm09:47 pm09:53 pm10:05 pm
09:58 pm10:04 pm10:11 pm10:17 pm10:23 pm10:35 pm
10:28 pm10:34 pm10:41 pm10:47 pm10:53 pm11:05 pm
10:58 pm11:04 pm11:11 pm11:17 pm11:23 pm11:35 pm
11:28 pm11:34 pm11:41 pm11:47 pm11:53 pm12:05 am
11:58 pm12:04 am12:11 am12:17 am12:23 am12:35 am
Avondale Station (North Loop)North DeKalb MallLawrenceville Hwy & McLendon DrLawrenceville Hwy & Cooledge RdLawrenceville Hwy & Idlewood RdMtn Ind Blvd & Tuckerstone Pkwy
05:50 am06:02 am06:07 am06:13 am06:19 am06:29 am
06:10 am06:23 am06:28 am06:34 am06:40 am06:50 am
06:30 am06:43 am06:48 am06:54 am07:00 am07:10 am
06:50 am07:03 am07:08 am07:14 am07:20 am07:30 am
07:10 am07:23 am07:28 am07:34 am07:40 am07:50 am
07:30 am07:43 am07:48 am07:54 am08:00 am08:10 am
07:50 am08:03 am08:08 am08:14 am08:20 am08:30 am
08:10 am08:23 am08:28 am08:34 am08:40 am08:50 am
08:30 am08:43 am08:48 am08:54 am09:00 am09:08 am
08:50 am09:03 am09:08 am09:13 am09:18 am09:26 am
09:20 am09:33 am09:38 am09:43 am09:48 am09:56 am
09:50 am10:03 am10:08 am10:13 am10:18 am10:26 am
10:20 am10:33 am10:38 am10:43 am10:48 am10:56 am
10:50 am11:03 am11:08 am11:13 am11:18 am11:26 am
11:20 am11:33 am11:38 am11:43 am11:48 am11:56 am
11:50 am12:03 pm12:08 pm12:13 pm12:18 pm12:26 pm
12:20 pm12:33 pm12:38 pm12:43 pm12:48 pm12:56 pm
12:50 pm01:03 pm01:08 pm01:13 pm01:18 pm01:26 pm
01:20 pm01:33 pm01:38 pm01:43 pm01:48 pm01:56 pm
01:50 pm02:03 pm02:08 pm02:13 pm02:18 pm02:26 pm
02:20 pm02:33 pm02:38 pm02:43 pm02:48 pm02:56 pm
02:50 pm03:03 pm03:09 pm03:15 pm03:21 pm03:31 pm
03:10 pm03:25 pm03:31 pm03:37 pm03:43 pm03:53 pm
03:30 pm03:45 pm03:51 pm03:57 pm04:03 pm04:13 pm
03:50 pm04:05 pm04:11 pm04:17 pm04:23 pm04:33 pm
04:10 pm04:25 pm04:31 pm04:37 pm04:43 pm04:53 pm
04:30 pm04:45 pm04:51 pm04:57 pm05:03 pm05:13 pm
04:50 pm05:05 pm05:11 pm05:17 pm05:23 pm05:33 pm
05:10 pm05:25 pm05:31 pm05:37 pm05:43 pm05:53 pm
05:30 pm05:45 pm05:51 pm05:57 pm06:03 pm06:13 pm
05:50 pm06:05 pm06:11 pm06:17 pm06:23 pm06:33 pm
06:10 pm06:25 pm06:31 pm06:37 pm06:43 pm06:53 pm
06:30 pm06:45 pm06:51 pm06:56 pm07:01 pm07:09 pm
06:50 pm07:03 pm07:08 pm07:13 pm07:18 pm07:26 pm
07:20 pm07:33 pm07:38 pm07:43 pm07:48 pm07:56 pm
07:50 pm08:03 pm08:08 pm08:13 pm08:18 pm08:26 pm
08:20 pm08:33 pm08:38 pm08:43 pm08:48 pm08:56 pm
08:50 pm09:03 pm09:08 pm09:13 pm09:18 pm09:26 pm
09:20 pm09:33 pm09:38 pm09:43 pm09:48 pm09:56 pm
09:50 pm10:03 pm10:08 pm10:13 pm10:18 pm10:26 pm
10:20 pm10:33 pm10:38 pm10:43 pm10:48 pm10:56 pm
10:50 pm11:03 pm11:08 pm11:13 pm11:18 pm11:26 pm
11:20 pm11:33 pm11:38 pm11:43 pm11:48 pm11:56 pm