Route 813
Atlanta University Center

Community Circulator operates East/West between West Lake and GA State stations along MLK Jr. Dr., Fair St., Atl Student Movement Blvd., Peters St., Forsyth St., Decatur St., Piedmont Ave., Coca-Cola Pl. and Jesse Hill Jr. Dr. Serves AU Ctr. & Grady Health System

Intersecting Rail Stations:

Route Schedules

Weekday Schedule
West Lake Station (East Loop)Atl Student Mvt Blvd & Lawshe StForsyth St & Alabama StGeorgia State Station (East)
04:35 am04:46 am04:55 am05:01 am
05:35 am05:46 am05:55 am06:01 am
06:05 am06:17 am06:27 am06:35 am
07:05 am07:17 am07:27 am07:35 am
08:05 am08:17 am08:27 am08:35 am
08:35 am08:47 am08:57 am09:05 am
09:35 am09:47 am09:57 am10:05 am
10:35 am10:47 am10:57 am11:05 am
11:05 am11:17 am11:27 am11:35 am
12:05 pm12:17 pm12:27 pm12:35 pm
01:05 pm01:17 pm01:27 pm01:35 pm
01:35 pm01:47 pm01:57 pm02:05 pm
02:35 pm02:47 pm02:57 pm03:05 pm
03:35 pm03:47 pm03:57 pm04:05 pm
04:05 pm04:17 pm04:27 pm04:35 pm
05:05 pm05:17 pm05:27 pm05:35 pm
06:05 pm06:17 pm06:27 pm06:35 pm
06:35 pm06:46 pm06:56 pm07:02 pm
07:35 pm07:46 pm07:56 pm08:02 pm
08:35 pm08:46 pm08:56 pm09:02 pm
09:05 pm09:16 pm09:26 pm09:32 pm
10:05 pm10:16 pm10:26 pm10:32 pm
11:05 pm11:16 pm11:26 pm11:32 pm
11:35 pm11:46 pm11:56 pm12:02 am
Georgia State Station (East)Peachtree St & Alabama StAtl Student Mvt Blvd & Lawshe StWest Lake Station (East Loop)
05:20 am05:25 am05:33 am05:44 am
06:20 am06:26 am06:35 am06:47 am
06:50 am06:56 am07:05 am07:17 am
07:50 am07:56 am08:05 am08:17 am
08:50 am08:56 am09:05 am09:17 am
09:20 am09:26 am09:35 am09:47 am
10:20 am10:26 am10:35 am10:47 am
11:20 am11:26 am11:35 am11:47 am
11:50 am11:56 am12:05 pm12:17 pm
12:50 pm12:56 pm01:05 pm01:17 pm
01:50 pm01:56 pm02:05 pm02:17 pm
02:20 pm02:26 pm02:35 pm02:47 pm
03:20 pm03:26 pm03:35 pm03:47 pm
04:20 pm04:26 pm04:36 pm04:48 pm
04:50 pm04:56 pm05:06 pm05:18 pm
05:50 pm05:56 pm06:06 pm06:18 pm
06:50 pm06:55 pm07:03 pm07:14 pm
07:20 pm07:25 pm07:33 pm07:44 pm
08:20 pm08:25 pm08:33 pm08:44 pm
09:20 pm09:25 pm09:33 pm09:44 pm
09:50 pm09:55 pm10:03 pm10:14 pm
10:50 pm10:55 pm11:03 pm11:14 pm
11:50 pm11:55 pm12:03 am12:14 am
12:20 am12:25 am12:33 am12:44 am