Route 82
Camp Creek / South Fulton Parkway

This route operates East/West from College Park station to Derrick Industrial Pkwy. along Camp Creek Pkwy., Redwine Rd., via Camp Creek Mktpl., Princeton Lakes Pkwy.,C51 Welcome All Rd. and S. Fulton Pkwy. Points of Interest: GA Int'l Convention Ctr., and GA Dept. of Revenue.

Intersecting Rail Stations:

Route Schedules

Weekday Schedule
College Pk Station (North Loop)Washington Rd & Lakemont DrShelby Ln & N Commerce DrWelcome All Rd @ Dept of RevDerrick Ind Pkwy @ Walmart Dist
05:50 am06:03 am06:12 am06:19 am06:36 am
06:20 am06:33 am06:42 am06:49 am07:06 am
06:50 am07:03 am07:12 am07:19 am07:36 am
07:20 am07:33 am07:42 am07:49 am08:06 am
07:50 am08:03 am08:12 am08:19 am08:36 am
08:20 am08:33 am08:42 am08:49 am09:06 am
08:50 am09:03 am09:12 am09:19 am09:36 am
09:20 am09:33 am09:42 am09:49 am10:06 am
09:50 am10:03 am10:12 am10:19 am10:36 am
10:20 am10:33 am10:42 am10:49 am11:06 am
10:50 am11:03 am11:12 am11:19 am11:36 am
11:20 am11:33 am11:42 am11:49 am12:06 pm
11:50 am12:03 pm12:12 pm12:19 pm12:36 pm
12:20 pm12:33 pm12:42 pm12:49 pm01:06 pm
12:50 pm01:03 pm01:12 pm01:19 pm01:36 pm
01:20 pm01:33 pm01:42 pm01:49 pm02:06 pm
01:50 pm02:03 pm02:12 pm02:19 pm02:36 pm
02:20 pm02:33 pm02:42 pm02:49 pm03:06 pm
02:50 pm03:03 pm03:13 pm03:21 pm03:39 pm
03:20 pm03:34 pm03:44 pm03:52 pm04:10 pm
03:50 pm04:04 pm04:14 pm04:22 pm04:40 pm
04:20 pm04:34 pm04:44 pm04:52 pm05:10 pm
04:50 pm05:04 pm05:14 pm05:22 pm05:40 pm
05:20 pm05:34 pm05:44 pm05:52 pm06:10 pm
05:50 pm06:04 pm06:14 pm06:22 pm06:40 pm
06:20 pm06:34 pm06:44 pm06:52 pm07:10 pm
06:50 pm07:04 pm07:13 pm07:20 pm07:37 pm
07:20 pm07:32 pm07:41 pm07:48 pm08:05 pm
07:50 pm08:02 pm08:11 pm08:18 pm08:35 pm
08:20 pm08:32 pm08:41 pm08:48 pm09:05 pm
08:50 pm09:02 pm09:11 pm09:18 pm09:35 pm
09:20 pm09:32 pm09:41 pm09:48 pm10:05 pm
09:50 pm10:02 pm10:11 pm10:18 pm10:35 pm
10:20 pm10:32 pm10:41 pm10:48 pm11:05 pm
10:50 pm11:02 pm11:11 pm11:18 pm11:35 pm
11:20 pm11:32 pm11:41 pm -- --
11:50 pm12:02 am12:11 am -- --
12:20 am12:32 am12:41 am -- --
Derrick Ind Pkwy @ Walmart DistWelcome All Rd @ Dept of RevShelby Ln & N Commerce DrWashington Rd & Lakemont DrCollege Pk Station (North Loop)
04:49 am05:07 am05:17 am05:24 am05:35 am
05:19 am05:37 am05:47 am05:54 am06:05 am
05:45 am06:06 am06:16 am06:24 am06:35 am
06:15 am06:36 am06:46 am06:54 am07:05 am
06:45 am07:06 am07:16 am07:24 am07:35 am
07:15 am07:36 am07:46 am07:54 am08:05 am
07:45 am08:06 am08:16 am08:24 am08:35 am
08:15 am08:36 am08:46 am08:54 am09:05 am
08:46 am09:06 am09:16 am09:24 am09:35 am
09:16 am09:36 am09:46 am09:54 am10:05 am
09:46 am10:06 am10:16 am10:24 am10:35 am
10:16 am10:36 am10:46 am10:54 am11:05 am
10:46 am11:06 am11:16 am11:24 am11:35 am
11:16 am11:36 am11:46 am11:54 am12:05 pm
11:46 am12:06 pm12:16 pm12:24 pm12:35 pm
12:16 pm12:36 pm12:46 pm12:54 pm01:05 pm
12:46 pm01:06 pm01:16 pm01:24 pm01:35 pm
01:16 pm01:36 pm01:46 pm01:54 pm02:05 pm
01:46 pm02:06 pm02:16 pm02:24 pm02:35 pm
02:16 pm02:36 pm02:46 pm02:54 pm03:05 pm
02:45 pm03:05 pm03:16 pm03:24 pm03:35 pm
03:15 pm03:35 pm03:46 pm03:54 pm04:05 pm
03:45 pm04:05 pm04:16 pm04:24 pm04:35 pm
04:15 pm04:35 pm04:46 pm04:54 pm05:05 pm
04:45 pm05:05 pm05:16 pm05:24 pm05:35 pm
05:15 pm05:35 pm05:46 pm05:54 pm06:05 pm
05:45 pm06:05 pm06:16 pm06:24 pm06:35 pm
06:16 pm06:36 pm06:47 pm06:55 pm07:05 pm
06:48 pm07:08 pm07:18 pm07:25 pm07:35 pm
07:18 pm07:38 pm07:48 pm07:55 pm08:05 pm
07:48 pm08:08 pm08:18 pm08:25 pm08:35 pm
08:18 pm08:38 pm08:48 pm08:55 pm09:05 pm
08:48 pm09:08 pm09:18 pm09:25 pm09:35 pm
09:18 pm09:38 pm09:48 pm09:55 pm10:05 pm
09:48 pm10:08 pm10:18 pm10:25 pm10:35 pm
10:18 pm10:38 pm10:48 pm10:55 pm11:05 pm
10:48 pm11:08 pm11:18 pm11:25 pm11:35 pm
11:18 pm11:38 pm11:48 pm11:55 pm12:05 am
11:48 pm12:08 am12:18 am12:25 am12:35 am