Route 95
Metropolitan Parkway

Route 95 This route operates North/South from West End station to King Arnold St. and Sunset Ave. in Hapeville via Abernathy Blvd., Metropolitan Pkwy., Dogwood Dr. and King Arnold St. to Sunset Ave. Points of Interest: Atl. Technical & Atl. Metropolitan State Colleges.

Intersecting Rail Stations:

Route Schedules

Weekday Schedule
King Arnold St & Sunset DrMetropolitan Pky & Cleveland AveMetropolitan Pky @ Atlanta TechWest End Station
05:10 am05:19 am05:26 am05:35 am
05:25 am05:34 am05:41 am05:50 am
05:37 am05:46 am05:53 am06:05 am
05:50 am06:00 am06:08 am06:20 am
06:05 am06:15 am06:23 am06:35 am
06:20 am06:30 am06:38 am06:50 am
06:35 am06:45 am06:53 am07:05 am
06:50 am07:00 am07:08 am07:20 am
07:05 am07:15 am07:23 am07:35 am
07:20 am07:30 am07:38 am07:50 am
07:35 am07:45 am07:53 am08:05 am
07:50 am08:00 am08:08 am08:20 am
08:05 am08:15 am08:23 am08:35 am
08:20 am08:30 am08:38 am08:50 am
08:37 am08:47 am08:55 am09:05 am
08:57 am09:07 am09:15 am09:25 am
09:17 am09:27 am09:35 am09:45 am
09:37 am09:47 am09:55 am10:05 am
09:57 am10:07 am10:15 am10:25 am
10:17 am10:27 am10:35 am10:45 am
10:37 am10:47 am10:55 am11:05 am
10:57 am11:07 am11:15 am11:25 am
11:17 am11:27 am11:35 am11:45 am
11:37 am11:47 am11:55 am12:05 pm
11:57 am12:07 pm12:15 pm12:25 pm
12:17 pm12:27 pm12:35 pm12:45 pm
12:37 pm12:47 pm12:55 pm01:05 pm
12:57 pm01:07 pm01:15 pm01:25 pm
01:17 pm01:27 pm01:35 pm01:45 pm
01:37 pm01:47 pm01:55 pm02:05 pm
01:57 pm02:07 pm02:15 pm02:25 pm
02:17 pm02:27 pm02:35 pm02:45 pm
02:37 pm02:47 pm02:55 pm03:05 pm
02:52 pm03:02 pm03:10 pm03:20 pm
03:07 pm03:17 pm03:25 pm03:35 pm
03:22 pm03:32 pm03:40 pm03:50 pm
03:37 pm03:47 pm03:55 pm04:05 pm
03:52 pm04:02 pm04:10 pm04:20 pm
04:07 pm04:17 pm04:25 pm04:35 pm
04:22 pm04:32 pm04:40 pm04:50 pm
04:37 pm04:47 pm04:55 pm05:05 pm
04:52 pm05:02 pm05:10 pm05:20 pm
05:07 pm05:17 pm05:25 pm05:35 pm
05:22 pm05:32 pm05:40 pm05:50 pm
05:37 pm05:47 pm05:55 pm06:05 pm
05:52 pm06:02 pm06:10 pm06:20 pm
06:08 pm06:18 pm06:26 pm06:35 pm
06:25 pm06:34 pm06:41 pm06:50 pm
06:40 pm06:49 pm06:56 pm07:05 pm
07:00 pm07:09 pm07:16 pm07:25 pm
07:20 pm07:29 pm07:36 pm07:45 pm
07:40 pm07:49 pm07:56 pm08:05 pm
08:00 pm08:09 pm08:16 pm08:25 pm
08:20 pm08:29 pm08:36 pm08:45 pm
08:40 pm08:49 pm08:56 pm09:05 pm
09:00 pm09:09 pm09:16 pm09:25 pm
09:20 pm09:29 pm09:36 pm09:45 pm
09:40 pm09:49 pm09:56 pm10:05 pm
10:00 pm10:09 pm10:16 pm10:25 pm
10:20 pm10:29 pm10:36 pm10:45 pm
10:40 pm10:49 pm10:56 pm11:05 pm
11:00 pm11:09 pm11:16 pm11:25 pm
11:20 pm11:29 pm11:36 pm11:45 pm
11:40 pm11:49 pm11:56 pm12:05 am
12:00 am12:09 am12:16 am12:25 am
West End Station Metropolitan Pky @ Atlanta TechMetropolitan Pky & Cleveland AveKing Arnold St & Sunset Dr
05:45 am05:55 am06:03 am06:12 am
06:00 am06:11 am06:20 am06:29 am
06:15 am06:26 am06:35 am06:44 am
06:30 am06:41 am06:50 am06:59 am
06:45 am06:56 am07:05 am07:14 am
07:00 am07:11 am07:20 am07:29 am
07:15 am07:26 am07:35 am07:44 am
07:30 am07:41 am07:50 am07:59 am
07:45 am07:56 am08:05 am08:14 am
08:00 am08:11 am08:20 am08:29 am
08:15 am08:26 am08:35 am08:44 am
08:30 am08:41 am08:50 am08:59 am
08:45 am08:56 am09:05 am09:14 am
09:00 am09:11 am09:20 am09:29 am
09:20 am09:31 am09:40 am09:49 am
09:40 am09:51 am10:00 am10:09 am
10:00 am10:11 am10:20 am10:29 am
10:20 am10:31 am10:40 am10:49 am
10:40 am10:51 am11:00 am11:09 am
11:00 am11:11 am11:20 am11:29 am
11:20 am11:31 am11:40 am11:49 am
11:40 am11:51 am12:00 pm12:09 pm
12:00 pm12:11 pm12:20 pm12:29 pm
12:20 pm12:31 pm12:40 pm12:49 pm
12:40 pm12:51 pm01:00 pm01:09 pm
01:00 pm01:11 pm01:20 pm01:29 pm
01:20 pm01:31 pm01:40 pm01:49 pm
01:40 pm01:51 pm02:00 pm02:09 pm
02:00 pm02:11 pm02:20 pm02:29 pm
02:20 pm02:31 pm02:40 pm02:49 pm
02:40 pm02:51 pm03:00 pm03:09 pm
03:00 pm03:11 pm03:20 pm03:29 pm
03:15 pm03:26 pm03:35 pm03:44 pm
03:30 pm03:42 pm03:51 pm04:00 pm
03:45 pm03:57 pm04:06 pm04:15 pm
04:00 pm04:12 pm04:21 pm04:30 pm
04:15 pm04:27 pm04:36 pm04:45 pm
04:30 pm04:42 pm04:51 pm05:00 pm
04:45 pm04:57 pm05:06 pm05:15 pm
05:00 pm05:12 pm05:21 pm05:30 pm
05:15 pm05:27 pm05:36 pm05:45 pm
05:30 pm05:42 pm05:51 pm06:00 pm
05:45 pm05:57 pm06:06 pm06:15 pm
06:00 pm06:12 pm06:21 pm06:30 pm
06:15 pm06:27 pm06:36 pm06:44 pm
06:30 pm06:40 pm06:48 pm06:56 pm
06:45 pm06:55 pm07:03 pm07:11 pm
07:00 pm07:10 pm07:18 pm07:26 pm
07:20 pm07:30 pm07:38 pm07:46 pm
07:40 pm07:50 pm07:58 pm08:06 pm
08:00 pm08:10 pm08:18 pm08:26 pm
08:20 pm08:30 pm08:38 pm08:46 pm
08:40 pm08:50 pm08:58 pm09:06 pm
09:00 pm09:10 pm09:18 pm09:26 pm
09:20 pm09:30 pm09:38 pm09:46 pm
09:40 pm09:50 pm09:58 pm10:06 pm
10:00 pm10:10 pm10:18 pm10:26 pm
10:20 pm10:30 pm10:38 pm10:46 pm
10:40 pm10:50 pm10:58 pm11:06 pm
11:00 pm11:10 pm11:18 pm11:26 pm
11:20 pm11:30 pm11:38 pm11:46 pm
11:40 pm11:50 pm11:58 pm12:06 am
12:00 am12:10 am12:18 am12:26 am
12:20 am12:30 am12:38 am12:46 am