Campbellton Corridor


MARTA, in collaboration with the City of Atlanta, is investing in high-capacity transit in the Campbellton Corridor to improve connectivity, accessibility, and mobility in southwest Atlanta. The corridor, generally linking the Greenbriar Mall area to the Oakland City MARTA Station is home to established neighborhoods and businesses and is currently served by one of MARTA’s busiest bus routes (83 Campbellton Road). High-capacity transit service can assist in transforming the corridor into a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use community and could incentivize redevelopment efforts at Greenbriar Mall and Fort McPherson.

Initial project activities include an Alternative Analysis, which will study two high-capacity transit modes, Light Rail Transit (LRT), and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) for the corridor. Both modes offer high-capacity, frequent, and reliable service by operating in a mostly dedicated lane with transit signal priority and enhanced stations that feature modern amenities like real-time arrival information and pre-board ticketing. This project will also examine the economic development potential of the corridor by evaluating transit-oriented development and joint-development strategies. The anticipated time frame of operation for the project is 2031.

Project Area Map

Campbellton Corridor Map Project Study Area- Minimized 

Project Schedule

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