January 12, 2021

Collie Greenwood to Head Bus and Rail Operations for Authority; Develop & Deliver Large Capital Projects to Enhance Customer Experience

ATLANTA – The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) has named experienced transit professional and current Chief of Bus Operations Collie Greenwood as its new Deputy General Manager, Operations, overseeing all bus and rail operations for the Authority. In this new role, Greenwood will also help develop and deliver major capital projects aimed at enhancing the customer experience, including the largest in MARTA’s history, the procurement of new railcars, and the addition of electric buses to MARTA’s fleet.

“Over the course of this unprecedented year, Collie has shown steadfast leadership with his tireless support of our bus operations, and his willingness to make the tough decisions demanded by the pandemic,” said MARTA General Manager and CEO Jeffrey Parker. “I am confident he will bring that same commitment to the rail side of our operation and lead the way as we prepare for exciting systemwide enhancements and expansion.”

Among the transformative projects Greenwood will oversee is the design and delivery of 254 new railcars. The $646 million-dollar agreement with Stadler Rail is the single largest for MARTA and a milestone in its capital improvement program aimed at more efficient performance and enhanced customer experience. Additionally, Greenwood will spearhead the integration of MARTA’s first electric buses and lead the years-long transition to a more environmentally conscious fleet.

“Throughout my career, from my early days as a bus operator to this new role at MARTA, my focus has always been the customer,” said Greenwood. “Their safety, comfort, and overall experience is paramount. Getting the basics right, having buses and trains arrive on time and be in good working order sets the foundation for good customer service that we can build upon with new vehicles, amenities, and technology. I’m excited to continue this important work.”

When the pandemic hit last March, Greenwood quickly implemented safety measures to protect MARTA’s thousands of bus operators, mechanics, and maintenance employees to ensure essential bus service would still be provided. Additionally, he managed the installation of bus safety features for customers, including antimicrobial air filters, free mask dispensers, and social distancing placards on all 540 buses in the fleet.

Greenwood, alongside Chief of Staff Melissa Mullinax, co-chairs MARTA’s Return to New Normal Task Force which for months has developed, coordinated, and implemented employee and customer safety measures systemwide. Under their guidance, this group continues to prepare for post-pandemic logistics such as vaccine distribution to MARTA’s frontline employees, workplace protocols for the return of telecommuting office staff, and service ramp-up necessary when large events and gatherings resume, as well as continually looking for new ways to protect the health of those who work at and use MARTA.

Greenwood joined MARTA in July 2019 and immediately got to work improving bus service delivery and reliability. His first order of business was assisting MARTA’s Recruitment Office in filling hundreds of vacancies in bus operations that had resulted in unreliable bus service in the past. He led the Bus Operators Task Force to develop solutions aimed at attracting and retaining skilled bus operators that has resulted in a 16 percent reduction in overtime costs. Under Greenwood’s leadership, bus on-time performance (the benchmark of bus transit service) has improved from percentages in the mid-70s to current percentages in the low 80s.

Greenwood will work closely with Deputy Chief of Bus Operations Santiago Osorio and Deputy Chief of Rail Operations George Wright, and report directly to General Manager and CEO Jeffrey Parker.




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