MARTA Statement on the False, Irresponsible Statements by Councilmembers Marci Collier Overstreet, Andrea Boone and Antonio Lewis regarding the Campbellton Corridor Transit Project

MARTA is extremely disappointed with how the situation regarding the Campbellton Corridor project has unfolded and the negative and inflammatory tone of the conversation surrounding the proposed transit mode. Councilmember Overstreet has been closely involved with this project since its inception and is fully aware that light rail was never promised in this corridor. In fact, she has stated publicly that her constituents aren’t interested in light rail. She has also been publicly supportive of BRT and its benefits. 

April 25, 2018 Transportation Committee Meeting

25 minute mark

CM Overstreet: Well let me just share that Cascade/Campbellton that whole area is NOT a fan of light rail. But I do understand that everyone IS interested in bus rapid transit. I would like to have a conversation with you about the timeline. I am very interested in moving the process forward.

Attached is a detailed look at MARTA’s engagement with the Atlanta City Council Transportation Committee and Councilmember Overstreet regarding this project and her record of support for the planning and public engagement process. 

After two years of analysis and public engagement, MARTA has concluded that center-running BRT provides the greatest mobility, faster, and for far less money. Adopting BRT as the mode for Campbellton will allow MARTA to deliver on the promise of better connectivity for southwest Atlanta into the heavy rail system faster. The total amount of the investment is still a work in progress as we work with Mayor Dickens and Atlanta DOT on the value of new streetlights, full sidewalks, installation of bike facilities and repaving the street.  Moreover, a transit mode does not spark investment in a community, the accessibility and mobility of a high-capacity transit system does. We know from the Summerhill BRT project that Carter and Georgia State University accelerated their plans for redevelopment of Hank Aaron Drive and Georgia Avenue when the BRT was announced.  

For Councilmember Overstreet and others to suggest MARTA is “stealing” money from Southwest Atlanta and the Campbellton Corridor project is absurd and false. The More MARTA Program does not set aside a specific amount of money for specific Council Districts, rather, the program expands the transit system for the benefit of all Atlantans. It is irresponsible to suggest that MARTA and the City of Atlanta teams that jointly administer the More MARTA Program have been anything but responsible stewards of that funding. 

We look forward to less inflammatory rhetoric and more productive discussion in the future.

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