MARTAConnect on Election Day

Utilization of the program described below is not a gift, offer of a gift, or only for those involved in the act of voting for a particular candidate.

We’re teaming up with Uber to make polling locations accessible. On Tuesday, January 5, 2021 MARTAConnect will provide subsidized Uber transportation to polling precincts not served by MARTA due to the reduced number of bus routes as a result of COVID-19.

If a precinct is one of the 99 polling locations impacted, you can download a $16 Uber subsidy ($8 per trip) on the Uber app to facilitate a trip to and from the polling location. 

Eligible Polling Locations for MARTAConnect Uber trips: list and map.

The subsidy works only for polling locations not covered by the Essential Service Plan and is intended as a substitute for reduced MARTA service. You are responsible for any amount over $8 and will not receive a credit for any trip less than $8. 

MARTAConnect for Election Day is available now but cannot be used until Tuesday, January 5 from 5 am until midnight.

Download the subsidy here.  The November election subsidy has expired, please download the subsidy again.

How it works:  

MARTA will provide a code through @MARTAService Twitter, itsmarta.com or our MyCommute alert system for a specific use. 

How to use the subsidy:  

  • Tap the link provided to claim
  • Make sure your Uber app is updated, if not update your Uber App and restart it 
  • Review details and claim the subsidy

When ready to ride: 

  • Enter your trip destination 
  • Voucher appears when eligible
  • Request your ride

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: What does the subsidy cover? 

A: The subsidy will cover 2 trips with the first $8 of each trip being subsidized by MARTA. You are responsible for any amount over $8 and will not receive a credit for any trip less than $8.

Q: Where is the subsidy?  

A: The subsidy will automatically appear on the ride request screen in the payments option section. You will also be able to view the subsidy by clicking into Wallet from the menu. 

Q: I’m having issues claiming the subsidy, what do I do? 

A: Please contact MARTA Customer service on 404-848-5000 or  custserv@itsmarta.com to confirm that the code is available to use. For all other questions, visit the help section in the menu of your Uber app. 


Limited to one code per person. Non-transferrable. No cash value. One-time use only. Maximum of two Uber trip(s) per rider. To redeem subsidy, Uber code must be applied to payment section of the Uber app prior to requesting the first ride. Subsidy eligible for rides to/from specified pickup/drop-off locations at specific date/times.  

The Uber code does not apply to cash payment and/or tips, is non-transferable and subject to change or cancellation. Issues involving redemption and/or use of the Uber code should be directed to MARTA Customer Service. 


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