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MARTA Bus Service Changes

Effective Saturday, April 23rd, 2022

MARTA is restoring weekday service schedules and frequency to many bus routes. Additional service will be added in the future as we continue to hire more staff. We continue hiring bus operators, bus technicians, and more! Join our team today.

The MARTA website and On-The-Go App will be updated to reflect these new schedules and routing changes as of April 23rd. New printed scheduled will also be made available.

These service changes are for bus routes only. There are no changes to rail schedules.


* Weekday service schedules will resume on many bus routes.  
* Select routes will add additional early morning trips.
* A few bus routes will have routing changes to restore previous service patterns.

Schedule Adjustments

Routes listed below, which were temporarily following Saturday schedules on weekdays, will be fully restored to weekday service levels.

1 – Marietta Boulevard / Joseph E Lowery Boulevard 114 – Columbia Drive
2 – Ponce de Leon Avenue / Druid Hills 123 – Church Street
3 – Martin Luther King Jr. Drive / Auburn Avenue 155 – Pittsburgh
9 – Boulevard / Tilson Road 193 – Morrow / Jonesboro
14 – 14th Street / Blandtown 194 – Conley Road / Mt. Zion
24 – McAfee / Hosea Williams 195 – Forest Parkway
25 – Peachtree Boulevard 800 – Lovejoy
27 – Cheshire Bridge Road 813 – Atlanta University Center
34 – Gresham Road 823 – Belvedere
37 – Defoors Ferry Road 832 – Grant Park
50 – Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway 850 – Carroll Heights / Fairburn Heights
58 – Hollywood Road / Lucile Avenue 853 – Center Hill
81 – Venetian Hills / Delowe Drive 856 – Baker Hills / Wilson Mill Meadows
102 – North Avenue / Little Five Points 865 – Boulder Park Drive
104 – Winters Chapel Road 867 – Peyton Forest / Dixie Hills
107 – Glenwood  

Trip Additions

Trip additions have been made to accommodate ridership demand. The following trips have been added to the routes below:

Route – Ruta Trip(s) Added – Trayecto(s) añadidios
    6 - Clifton Road / Emory 5:50am Southbound
  15 - Candler Road 4:47am and 5:13am Northbound; 5:40am Southbound
  49 - McDonough Boulevard 4:46am Northbound; 5:30am Southbound
  51 - Joseph E Boone Boulevard 4:35am Eastbound
  55 - Jonesboro Road 4:34am and 5:04am Northbound; 5:30am Southbound
  82 - Camp Creek / South Fulton Parkway 4:49am Eastbound; 5:50am Westbound
  84 - Washington Rd / Camp Creek Marketplace 4:29am Eastbound; 5:10am Westbound
  86 - Fairington Road 4:49am Northbound
  95 - Metropolitan Parkway 5:23am Northbound
111 - Snapfinger Woods 4:24am Westbound; 5:30am Eastbound.
117 - Rockbridge Road / Panola Road 4:55am Westbound; 5:10am Eastbound
120 - East Ponce De Leon Avenue 4:43am Westbound
181 - Washington Road / Fairburn 4:32am Eastbound
188 - Oakley Industrial 5:30am Southbound
189 - Flat Shoals Road / Scofield Road 4:36am Northbound
191 - Riverdale / ATL Intl Terminal 4:21am and 4:54am Northbound
192 - Old Dixie / Tara Boulevard 4:01am Northbound

Route Adjustments

Service is being restored to the following locations on the routes listed below:

19 – Clairmont Road / W Howard Ave – North DeKalb Health Center

42 – Pryor Road – The loops serving Amal Drive, Bond Drive and Ashwood Avenue and Ralph David

Abernathy, Cooper Street and Hendrix Avenue

49 – McDonough Boulevard – Hill Street south of Englewood Avenue and on McDonough Boulevard west of Boulevard
111 – Snapfinger Woods – Alice Williams Towers
116 – Redan Road – East DeKalb Health Center
117 – Rockbridge Road / Panola Road – Lou Walker Center
126 – Embry Hills – The loop serving Flowers Road S, Brandywine Road and Hollingswood Drive

Alternative Transportation

MARTA is offering a rideshare discount through its MARTAConnect program to address early morning gaps in service. Customers may receive up to $15 off rideshare trips in MARTA’s service area Monday through Friday from 4 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. The voucher is good for use one time per day. Please choose the appropriate voucher link below to claim your pass. 

*Beginning Monday, July 4, 2022, the MARTAConnect subsidy will offer up to $8 off rideshare trips in MARTA's service areas. This change allows us to sustain the program longer for customers affected by weekday early morning bus service gaps. MARTA will continue to review the program as our service levels and customer travel patterns change.

Lyft general link:  
Uber general link:

Join Our Team of MARTA Heroes

We’re Hiring Bus Operators!
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MARTA continues to actively recruit new talent to join our team of MARTA Heroes so that we can work to restore weekday service levels in the future. MARTA will deploy operators as they are hired and trained so that regular weekday bus service for all routes can resume with a full complement of drivers.  Learn more.  

Bus Operators are an essential part of the community. See why Darryl, Donna, and Griff all choose to drive with us. Our team of MARTA Heroes keeps Atlanta moving.

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