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Don’t you just love that new car smell? But what about a new rail car? If you’re an Atlien it’s been a while since you’ve experienced that sweet aroma, like 18+ years a while... 

The good news is, we’re replacing our entire train fleet. The GREAT news is, you get to help decide how these trains get their choo choo; we’re talking seat design, lighting, handholds, digital maps, bike racks and much more. It’s like all your LEGO dreams come true!

Safety is always our top priority at MARTA, so to keep our distance we’re using a platform called Qmarkets to collect community feedback on the new rail cars. Qmarkets is a virtual crowdsourcing platform where everyone can easily vote and comment on preliminary rail car designs. 

So, this is where we need you; what do you say? Will you tell us how we can customize your ride?? Provide your feedback here by May 31st, don’t delay! 

If you prefer to provide feedback in person, look for our street teams in the stations the week of May 17th. See the station schedule below. 

Date/Time Station Location

Monday, May 17th  

4pm – 7pm

Dunwoody Station

Buckhead Station

Lenox Station

Doraville Station

Tuesday, May 18th

4pm – 7pm

Arts Center Station

North Avenue Station

Wednesday, May 19th  

4pm – 7pm

Lindbergh Center Station

Midtown Station

West End Station

Peachtree Center Station

Thursday , May 20th  

4pm – 7pm

HE Holmes Station

Five Points Station

Friday, May 21st  

4pm – 7pm

Kensington Station

Decatur Station

East Point Station

Airport Station

Raising the Bar

MARTA’s next generation of rail cars will build upon new technology and advance safety and security for all customers. The goal is to expand comfort and convenience elements to create a reimagined transit experience.

Each new pair of rail cars will feature an open gangway design with modernized electronic signage and public address system, more comfortable seating plus handholds and stanchions with better functionality, wheelchair locations, charging stations, luggage space and enhanced video surveillance.  

The new rail cars will also interface with other investments aimed at enhancing the customer experience such as MARTA’s new integrated operations center, new station audio-visual information upgrade, systemwide elevator and escalator upgrade, restroom modernization program and station rehabilitation program which will refresh MARTA stations.  

We’re doing this to raise the bar. Gathering your input now will help us deliver a rail car the improves the rider experience. Nothing means more to us than having you as a happy customer. Check out the initial rail car mockups in this presentation to get a glimpse of MARTA’s future. 

How This All Began

In 2019 MARTA’s board of directors approved a $646 million agreement with Stadler Rail for the purchase of 254 new rail cars. The procurement, which is the single largest for either organization, is a milestone in MARTA’s capital improvement program aimed at more efficient performance and enhanced customer experience. The rail cars are scheduled to be delivered between 2023 and 2028, with the delivery of a pilot car in 2022.

As the MARTA system grew between 1979 and 2000, MARTA had procured rail cars three times previously – in 1979, 1985 and 2003. The Stadler procurement, however, will mark the first time that previously purchased cars will be retired.

Stadler has manufactured trains since 1942. A Switzerland-based manufacturer with U.S. operations in Salt Lake City, Utah, the organization is committed to meeting the specific needs of their clients and employing innovative technologies to customize features that improve performance and passenger comfort.

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