Bus Tracker BETA


The Bus Tracker BETA is one of the initial pilot applications hosted in the MARTA Labs as an MVP to gather close to real-time data from the Bus router and visualize the information on the Map. 

Benefits of Bus Tracker BETA

Supported Sandy Springs TSP Pilot initiativeThe Bus Tracker BETA was developed to support the Sandy Springs TSP pilot. Sandy Springs TSP pilot was a 6-month study conducted using Route 5 in Sandy Springs in the first half of 2021. The Pilot used “software-based” TSP.

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Supported CISCO and GDOT TSP Pilot initiativeThe Bus Tracker BETA was utilized by Cisco to pilot test TSP using On-Board Unit (OBU) for GDOT.

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Bus Operation Team: Temporarily using the Bus Tracker BETA to identify any issues with routers.

Application Development Team: Temporarily use the Bus Tracker BETA to compare the data to develop a real-time bus data production version. 

Future Plans:

No new development work is planned for the Bus Tracker BETA.


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