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On-demand rideshare pilot program from March 1, 2022 to August 31, 2022 

MARTA and Georgia Tech partnered on a 6-month pilot of a new on-demand rideshare service, connecting riders the region to MARTA bus and rail service. This pilot was meant to test how on-demand shuttles could be used to make it easier and faster for our riders to get to and from their destinations using MARTA.

Now that the pilot had concluded, MARTA is evaluating how on-demand service could work to supplement and expand the reach of our buses and trains. 

Let us know your feedback

As MARTA evaluates the future of on-demand transit in our region, we’d love to know about your experiences using MARTA Reach. Surveys have been shared with users of the Reach program. Please respond to this survey to give us feedback on what you liked about Reach, and what could be improved.

Other questions and comments can be emailed to us at