How Do You MARTA

Cole, Johanna & Deico- Route #107 

For Cole and Johanna, riding MARTA is a family affair. This family of three rides route 107 to Georgia State Station from Glenwood Park; follow along their journey as they take their son to daycare and get to work!

Jennifer & Mark- Route #816

Atlanta United fans, Jennifer and Mark, enjoy a hassle-free trip while they travel to the Atlanta United game from their home in Morningside. Their house is a short walk away from the MARTA bus stop where they hop on route 816 to Five Points station. From the station, they walk through the Gulch and get experience the game day atmosphere before the big match at Mercedes Benz Stadium. The increase in service with More MARTA has allowed route 816 to run every 30 minutes.

Carla- Route #832

Atlanta City Council member Carla Smith started taking MARTA when her car broke down months ago. She takes not one, but two MARTA buses from her home in the Woodland Hills neighborhood to her office at Atlanta City Hall. During her commute, Carla takes the new bus route 832 to Georgia State Stadium, where she catches bus route 55 to downtown Atlanta. Carla loves taking MARTA because she feels independent, meets fellow friendly riders on her commute and gets to enjoy the beautiful walk from the Capitol to City Hall.

Adam- Route #14

Ride along with Adam as he takes the new Rt 14 Blandtown bus to explore the food & drink options on Atlanta's Westside. The Rt 14 bus runs every 30 minutes, 7 days a week. Buses depart Midtown Station at 15 and 45 minutes after the hour, making it easy to remember without looking at a timetable. Adam prefers to use public transportation and has not owned a car for the past seven years while living in Atlanta, preferring instead to read, work or just relax. Rt. 14 is another example of more MARTA, for more bus routes, more frequency, and more hours of service.

Gabrielle- Route #295

Gabrielle shows us how she takes MARTA's new Route 295, the Metropolitan Campus Express, from Lakewood Station to her classes at Atlanta Metropolitan College. Route 295 also serves the Atlanta Technical College. The Express bus operates Monday-Friday from 7:45 am until 9:25 am in the mornings and from 12:05 until 6:15 pm in the afternoon with service every 20 minutes.

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