New Vendor Registration

To complete the vendor registration process, users can only 
use Internet Explorer.

If you're new to MARTA (meaning you've never done business with us), you'll have to register an account. Once your account is approved, you'll receive access to MARTA’s iSupplier Portal. This portal allows registered suppliers (including contractors, vendors and service providers) to conduct online transactions with MARTA.

Registering with MARTA is a two-part process.

  1. First, you'll apply for registration and upload tax documentation.
  2. Second, after receiving approval, you'll login to the iSupplier Portal and enter all of your vendor information.

After filling out your vendor information, you'll have full access to the iSupplier Portal and its admin features. Check out our iSupplier training video and our iSupplier FAQs (see below) to learn what all the platform offers.

Procedure for submitting MARTA iSupplier Self-Invoice

Oracle iSupplier Portal FAQs

This document is intended to provide answers to most questions that suppliers may ask when using the iSupplier portal. If you need additional information that is not covered in this document, please contact the MARTA Technology Service Desk at 404-848-5888. 

Click here to for MARTA Oracle Sourcing Reference Material

General Questions

Access & Password Questions

Using the Supplier Portal

Listed below are questions related specifically to using the iSupplier portal.

Automatic Bid Notification Questions

Invoice and Payment Questions

User Notification Questions

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